You Need a Momcation if

Motherhood is a full-time , always on duty gig, so easy to lose our spark in the midst of the stress, mess and chaos.

Us mamas, need and deserve time alone or with our fellow mamas to be ourselves , separate from the demands of motherhood for good mental health and emotional regulation.

Personally, I think Moms need and deserve a full 24 hours each month to check out and go off duty completely , however thats a different blog post.

You already know you need a break, you can feel in you weary body , anxious mind and dissatisfied soul, however if you need a lil convincing, here are 10 signs its time to schedule a Self Care Retreat, a personal time out to rest, regroup and reset.

  1. You daydream about escaping to a uninhabited island or isolated Cabin for peace and quiet.
  2. You’re tired, so damn tired and feel the need for a 10 hour nap.
  3. You’re irritated and yelling at your kids too often.
  4. Currently or recently navigating a stressful life transition, such as divorce, death, betrayal, teenagers.
  5. Feeling lonely and disconnected.
  6. Struggling with anxiety and depression.
  7. Chronic Pain and health issues draining your energy.
  8. Feeling touched out by all the TLC you give all day.
  9. Feel bored and burnt out in your current life situation.
  10. Parenting a special needs child.
  11. Caregiving for elderly family members.
  12. Dealing with a loved ones mental illness
  13. plus a million other reasons

Ok, so you know you need a break, but how to accomplish that ?

Options 1.

Kick kids and partner out of the house for a day or two

Issue, you will feel the need to clean up, so you can relax.

Totally defeating the purpose of being off duty. Unless you can can hire a housekeeper to come in first. Even then, being at home I bet you would feel will sense of duty to get things done.

Option 2.

Book a week long, all inclusive retreat in some tropic local. If you do have the time and $ for that , can I come along ? You can pretend you are rich and famous with your own personal massage therapist in tow.

Option 4

Reserve a room at a fancy hotel with spa services. I’ve done this a few times and there are some fun ways to do it on a budget.

Option 5

Hop on Airbnb / VBRO and find a cool location and plan a a fun trip with your bff.

Option 6.

Come stay with me and relax in my adorable Northern California wine country cottage.

Let me pamper and nurture you with soothing massage, therapeutic grade essential oils, organic body oils and powerful guided meditation to destress and rediscover YOU.

Check out Overnight Retreats

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