Overnight Retreats

Overnight retreats are currently unavailable as Amador Wellness Cottage moves into the new Volcano, Ca location.

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The Bedtime Nurture Retreat is a specially priced weeknight retreat created for overwhelmed parents and burnt out caregivers to take a quick healing time out.

A night at Amador Wellness Cottage is an invitation to slow down and reconnect with yourself in a safe, compassionate manner.

To deepen your breath and release the stress causing tension and discomfort in your mind and body.

After dinner, escape to the cottage to savor a 90 Bedtime Massage session in the on-site massage studio and aromatherapy apothecary before cuddling up in the king bed to sleep the night away .

Only available Sunday and Wednesday nights , with additional nights occasionally added by special request or when the schedule allows.

A night away to connect with your sweetheart.

Overnight stay with two 90 min massages or two 60 min plus 60 Couple YoMassage session.

Available Friday and Sunday nights.