Healthy Changes Weight Loss Program

Got your attention with Weight Loss in the title, didnt I?

Healthy Changes is way more than a weight loss program,  weight loss is only ONE of the many super fab side effects of the  Healthy Changes Program.

This 10 week program is about making healthy changes, Mind, Body and Soul for vibrant energy, calm confidence and peaceful joy along with a slimmer, stronger body.

I know you have done other weight loss programs, started work out programs, read a ton of books or articles, but somehow or another you are stuck.

Each program starts with a gung ho motivation that soon disappears or pain stops you in your tracks, life gets in the way, you get sick of the restrictive food choices or you find yourself reverting back to bad habits and so on and so on.

How about we do things a lil different?

Lets take a gentler, kinder approach to a whole new healthy lifestyle that is easy to create and maintain.

These are the methods I have used to  release over 165 lbs . Size 24 to size 12. Half my size.

Without depriving myself and being kinda lazy, I have to admit.

These are the tools I share with friends and clients who are ready to make a shift.

Now, I’ve taken the time to pull all the information together to offer Healthy Changes.

During the 10 week Healthy Changes program we will be utilizing small, systematic lifestyle changes, weekly challenges,  hypnosis, massage and essential oils resulting in abundant energy, motivation, increased confidence and permanent weight loss and a more fulfilled life.

This is not a quick fix program, this isn’t even a program where you will see fast results,(but you sure will FEEL it!) however, it is a program that will give you the tools to take charge and live life to the fullest while getting healthier and happier.

There is no pain and no restrictive diet.

The program is available in private sessions only and requires 10 weekly sessions. 


Have questions before you commit to a 10 week Self Care Program?