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Emotional Aromatherapy:Console

Slow down and gift yourself the time to process and integrate your emotions of grief and heartbreak by working with Console’s soothing blend. Savor and explore the complex aroma with slow deep, intention breaths, inviting the comforting vibration of each individual oil to move…

Almond Oil

A large bottle of Sweet Almond Oil arrived at the  Cottage today. I’ve already taken liberty as Head Goddess around this place  to liberally slather this lovely oil on my hair and skin to soak in all the good stuff. I feel and smell so good! After…

Natural Families January News

natural families exploring simple, safe, natural, and effective options for improved health and wellness January 2013 ~ Happy New Year! In This Issue… Upcoming Events January Specials & Promotions Slim & Sassy Lifestyle Change Competion & New You Kit What is Certified Pure Therapeutic…

MLH newsletter

MLH newsletter

Rainwater Harvesting Workshop – September 22

Rainwater Harvesting Workshop – September 22nd, 1 to 5 pm Wouldn’t you like to utilize the rain that falls on your house, field or shop to grow your garden, recharge groundwater or provide fire protection? On Saturday, September 22nd from 1 to 5 pm,…

Body Butters by Gayla

Ohh lala how I LOVE the all natural, fair trade body butters  by WOVEN:Women of Vision Empowerment Network member, Gayla. So luscious and the scents are divine. My fav is the Dream Maker! The blend of lavender, clary sage, and frankincense is so very soothing and grounding….

Motherlode Harvest August newsletter

Brandy Astwood, CHT, HBCE, CD, CIMT