EFT Workshop w/ Susan McMorris

 Come prepared to collapse some of your limiting beliefs and behaviors. Chart a NEW path for your life.

NEW technique collapses self limiting behavior, fears/phobias and enhances goal achievement! Rapid change in 85-90% of those engaged in the process! SMS teaches principles using FUN, EASY techniques.

1. Knocking down unknown barriers

2. What in the World are you Thinking??

3. Fixing the “potholes” in life

Facilitating consistent & permanent change without the use of needles, medical procedures, drugs, electronic devices, or long term billable hours with therapists. Painless, non-threatening and so simple almost anyone can be trained to use them.

Friday Evening 6-9
Saturday 10-4 (+)

Workshop cost $100 for both sessions 

The workshop will be in Murphys at Patty Miles’ Yoga Studio which is  beautiful, great energy place.

It is within walking distance of downtown Murphys for fabulous food and hotels if you wish to stay the night or the weekend (fun place to play).

Hotel Prices are about $110 for 2 doubles (or maybe 2 queens)

Historic Murphys Hotel or at the Murphys Inn Motel (price available only on internet for the INN)

Food is wonderful at several places. Not to mention the WINE! Lavender Ridge even has Organic wine.

Would YOU like FREEDOM from:










· Miracles happening every day

· Moving beyond deep trauma and living normal lives

· Fears/phobias eliminated allowing individuals to flourish

· Excess grief shed creating a brighter future

· Test anxiety collapsed opening new opportunities

· Personal achievement reaching new heights

· Corporate Absenteeism decreased

Informative video about Veterans with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder www.emofree.com/splash/video_vets.asp





FREE Infant Massage Class

I just returned fron a wonderful trip to San Fransico where I did part of my traning to be an Infant Massage Instructor.. .to finish the process I need to teach 3 families and get feedback.

Anyone interrested? Know anyone who would be interested?

Call me! 

April 13th

The Solution Within Hypnosis Center
270 Hanford St. Sutter Creek

Space is limited to 4 families

Reservations Req.


(from www.LiddleKidz. com )

Infant massage is not just limited to babies toddlers,older children welcome!

During massage, infants and their caregivers learn the art of forming secure relationships through attuned communication, which leads to lifelong benefits for your entire family. In our infant massage classes we have noticed that massage helps mothers and fathers to understand and respond to their child’s nonverbal language with love, caring and compassion. Using infant massage not only helps you to respond to your baby’s nonverbal language, but also to recognize your child’s cues and ways of communicating throughout the massage session.

Infant Massage classes are designed to foster mutual trust and understanding between parent and child. Clinical research has shown that massaging your baby can aid in your infant’s physiological and neurological development and function, and massage helps soothe common discomforts. Baby massage has been shown to assist in reducing symptoms of colic, promotes restful sleep for the infant (and in turn the parents), and increases healthy attachment and bonding.

We structure our infant massage classes to be offered on a weekly basis so that we can teach you new massage strokes while you introduce them to your baby in a way that will not over stimulate your child. As with anything new we are introducing to our babies, it is important to give infants the time they need to first have this “new thing” introduced, think about it and decide what they think. We recognize the importance of empowering infants and children through touch and respect the baby’s opinion and choice.

Even when you are scheduled for one of our infant massage classes and your baby is crying, fussy or sleeping, we remind you that are welcome to come to class. These classes are designed for you and your child in an environment that is conducive to relaxation and enjoyment. When you are in class, even just holding your child, we will teach you the information you need to provide massage with your baby at a time that is perfect for both of you.

Our Infant massage classes are available to parents of infants birth to pre-crawling, expectant parents, adoptive parents, foster parents and parents of pre-term infants (babies born prematurely) . grandparents, extended family members, caregivers and anyone else who loves the child is also welcome. If your baby has, or may be experiencing symptoms of colic, or has any other special needs, we only ask that you contact us for an initial phone consultation prior to joining one of our infant massage courses, so that we can determine the best way to support you and your baby.

We invite you to learn the value and many benefits of massage and how you can communicate your love for your child through touch.
Training Includes

In a series of weekly classes, parents and caregivers will learn to recognize their infant’s unique communication cues as well as special techniques of infant massage which have been shown to increase family bonding. Course fee includes informational massage handouts and massage oil.

Who Should Attend

Our Infant massage classes are available to parents of infants birth to pre-crawling, expectant parents, adoptive parents, foster parents and parents of pre-term infants (babies born prematurely) . grandparents, extended family members, caregivers and anyone else who loves the child is also welcome. If your baby has, or may be experiencing symptoms of colic, or has any other special needs, we only ask that you contact us for an initial phone consultation prior to joining one of our infant massage courses, so that we can determine the best way to support you and your baby.


Brandy Astwood

New Wellness Recovery Action Plan Class

W R A P (Wellness Recovery Action Plan)

Feeling stressed and wanting to learn how to be effective in handling triggers that push your buttons and lead to unhealthy choices ?

Learn how to apply what you already know and learn new tools to decrease tension in your life.

Use this simple plan to be more empowered in the face of life’s difficulties.

Classes will be in Valley Springs on Wednesdays 10:00- noon May 6 – July 1

The cost is $20 per week for instruction and materials.

Call to sign up as class size is limited.

Janet Laird, Wellness Recovery Educator


FREE Prenatal Yoga Classes

Last week I received approval for my free weekly prenatal yoga classes from Amador First 5!!!

Now I have to find a place to hold the classes! Any ideas?

I hoping to start classes Monday April 6th, 9am

So spread the word!

If anyone has a yoga mat or props they would like to donate to the program I would be sooo very grateful.

Keep an eye out for the press release

Belly Dance Performance in Ione…3/28

Dancers and Friends!
I’m excited to invite you all to a local belly dance night!
The event will be at Clark’s Corner Cafe in Ione, Saturday, March 28, 7:00pm.
Here is the link for the Cafe for more about them:
Hope to see you there!

Tracy Carlton

Kundalini Dance
Belly Dance…Sacred Dance
Classes, Workshops, Performance Troupe
www.kundalinidance. com


Break Free from Smoking begins 4/6

Break Free from Smoking with Hypnosis!

Brandy Astwood, Clinical Hypnotherapist and owner of The Solution Within Hypnosis Center in Sutter Creek, California is offering her highly effective smoking cessation program beginning April 6th at 10 am or 7pm.

The program consists of one group session,  2 private session and  custom CD for maximum success for only $195

New sessions will begin on the first Monday of each month and is limited to 6 per program series.

Pregnant mothers can request the Healthy Beginnings discount and pay only $99

Smokers who have taken the TRAC classes , get a $25 discount

For more information:
Brandy Astwood

Brandy Astwood, CHT, HBCE ~ 209-304-8495
Clinical Hypnotherapist  ~ HypnoBirthing Child Birth Educator ~Doula

Hey! Ever wanted the opportunity to buid a Straw Bale Building? Host A Workshop.

Michael I. Pulskamp of Main Street Reality (257-4590) wants to get intrested folks together for a Straw Bale Building Workshop in Amador County.

For more details visit

Self Management Techniques

Self Management Techniques intensive –open to all who are interested-no previous experience necessary

You will leave with training and practical experience to be able to use these techniques to eliminate emotional blockages and self limiting behaviors.

Based upon Gary Craig’s EFT protocols, but with some additional techniques.

May 8-9  Fri eve 6-9 and  Sat – Sat times are being negotiated- we are still working on the venue.

Please call for information

Susan McMorris

Wellness Consultant
Wellness by Choice

Our mission is to INSPIRE individuals to discover a whole new way of life and provide them the opportunity to LIVE IT, by changing their lives through improved health and financial well being.

Nikken: Discover IT……..LIVE IT!



EcoSense Workshop

     EcoSense Workshop     


What problems do you face when cleaning your home?

What about harmful chemicals in homecare products?

Are you excited about stains and Spring Cleaning?


We are – because we have EXQUISITE, SAFE, EFFECTIVE, solutions with Melaleuca’s EcoSense natural cleaning products.



And we want to share them with you – see what works – see new ideas for cleaning problems – see what you have tried – see new results !


When?  Saturday, March 14 @ 10am to Noon



Come to gain valuable information and ideas,

see effective demonstrations, and enjoy special appetizers!


Bring your questions, and see how our Eco-friendly, Economical Melaleuca products enhance your cleaning experience, your health – and our Earth.



Please bring your friends   &   Receive a Gift


RSVP  to confirm and for directions to: 

Corinne Thorsell

209-296-2180/ 256-3686

12901 Spagnoli Mine Road, Pine Grove

Wellness Recovery Action Plan

Check out MHC members, Janet Laird recent news coverage!

Congrats Janet!

Ledger Dispatch


Newletter from Sophias Well

Inspiration from Sophia
She is the way to everlasting life, true wealth, and honor.
Her way is pleasant,and all Her paths are peace.
She is a Tree of Life to those who embrace Her, and
those who unite with Her find happiness.
Wisdom is the earth’s foundation,
and understanding the sky’s pillar.
She is the divine order patterning all creation,
from the ancient oceans to this morning’s dew.
Proverbs 3:14-20

Wisdom is not separate from creation; She is the order of creation. She is the grain of wood, the currents of wind and sea. Everything rests on a metaphysical order, a principle that patterns all reality. While the world is impermanent, the Principle of Wisdom is timeless. To know Wisdom is to know the current in the midst of chaos.

Rabbi Rami Shapiro, The Divine Feminine in Biblical Wisdom Literature


Wisdom Circle – March 15
A Wisdom Circle will begin on Sunday, March 15 from 1 – 3p.m. Group participants will study wisdom teachings of contemporary spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle. Using his books, especially A New Earth, and excerpts from Eckhart Teachings in DVD format, the group will explore the practical application of wisdom teachings to our daily lives.

When you no longer compulsively label things, when you let go of attachment to your story, you become alive to the present moment. Presence arises and replaces the conceptual sense of self. You become quite simple. The need to be special falls away. You become ordinary. You don’t need to protect a sense of specialness anymore and find your identity in that. What a freedom comes to you when you no longer need to be special to get some sense of your identity! What freedom comes when you’re in touch with the preciousness that is the essence of who you are.

Ekhart Tolle, Stillness Amidst the World

The study group will meet at 19619 Mella Drive, Volcano and will continue in April.

Spring Equinox – Friday, March 20
Join us for a celebration of new beginnings. At the time of the Spring Equinox the sun’s rays again begin to strike our planet more directly.  The sun, radiant and healing, revitalizes the dark and dormant as days and nights are again of equal length.  The external experience of spring is an opportunity for each of us to prepare for a personal rebirth and resurrection.  The arrival of the spring corresponds with the Christian Lenten time of prayer and reflection. The Spring Equinox celebration will begin Friday evening at 6 p.m. Call for the location. We will also honor St Patrick with a focus on Celtic contributions to the spiritual aspects of the season.

Healing Circles – Monday, March 9 & Sunday, March 29
Reiki, spiritual healing energy, is the focus of the ongoing healing circles provided as a community service.  The circles for this month are on Monday, March 9 from 6 – 8 p.m. followed by a world healing meditation from 8-8:30 and Sunday, March 29 from 2 – 4 p.m. The circles are held at Refresh at Sutter Creek, 81B Hanford Street.

A Sophia Circle is forming!

A Sophia Circle is a unique form of spiritual group process, which fosters spiritual growth and supports individual discernment within an experience of community support. Three conditions are essential to the life of the group. Members must commit themselves to 1) an honest desire to draw closer to God, 2) genuine participation in the group process through compassionate listening and prayerful response, and 3) opening their spiritual journeys to the consideration of others. Sophia’s Well of Wisdom is currently gathering together those who want a supportive group spiritual process. Contact Patsy if you are interested in participating.


Special Events Coming Soon!

April 22 – Earth Day Celebration, time and location announced next month.

July 18 – Rev. Carol E. Parrish, Dean of Sancta Sophia Seminary will present an all day workshop. Topic, time and location will be announced soon.

July 19 – Ordination Ceremony for Patsy, more information coming soon.

Book Recommendation

Recently a book was recommended to me by Mike Mason entitled Return to The Sacred by Jonathan H. Ellerby, Ph.D.  Ellerby is a friend of Mike’s and wanted to help promote his book. I ordered the book to review it and was pleasantly surprised with what I found.  Although this is Ellerby’s first major publication (Hay House, 2009), it is an excellent work, well-written and organized.  As the subtitle states, this book is about ancient pathways to spiritual awakening; however, it is written for the contemporary spiritual seeker.  The major focus of the book is a thorough discussion of 12 different spiritual practices organized in four categories:  Body-centered practices, mind-centered practices, heart-centered practices, and soul-centered practices. It reminds the reader that there are multiple pathways on the Sacred journey to wholeness, balance, and peace. It’s a great read! Let me know when you come across a book worthy of recommendation.

The Purpose

The purpose of Sophia’s Well of Wisdom is to create a safe space to share spiritual growth experiences so that whoever comes in search of wholeness may discover Inner Light, connect with Soul, embody Spirit, and encounter the Sacred in everyday life. Join us as often as you can.

Sophia’s Well of Wisdom is a 501 (c) 3 not for profit charter group of the Light of Christ Community Church. We welcome donations to help support our programs.


Patsy Walker Fine, Director