Bi~Weekly Wisdom Circle

Sophia’s Well of Wisdom is dedicated to creating sacred spaces for those who are seeking wholeness and harmony of body, heart, mind and spirit. One of the opportunities is a twice month Wisdom Circle. Currently we are exploring the wisdom teachings of the contemporary spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle. Tolle became well known through his books, The Power of Now and A New Earth.  In addition to his books, we are looking at some of his teaching DVDs.  Although Tolle is a quiet and gentle personality, his message is powerful and is helping thousands of spiritual seekers to align their minds with the expanding consciousness that is occurring at this time. 

A New Day is Dawning is the subject of a workshop Sophia’s Well of Wisdom is sponsoring in July. We are excited about the coming workshop with Dr. Carol Parrish who will present a morning talk on  Radical Spirituality and an afternoon talk on This is a New Day: Introducing the Divine Feminine.  
Radical Spirituality invokes a new way of being. Unknown but lurking in our hearts is a way of life not yet found but longing to emerge. Heart-centered ways seek human hands to fulfill their goals. The immense need of our modern world forces us to awaken. 
Social destruction reigns as we face the consequences of a false allegiance to distorted values. Many are now calling for a spirituality honoring the sacred in all life. Dynamic creativity offers unsuspected opportunities to embrace values that sustain life and honor each one as we rediscover Sophia, Mother Wisdom.

Gain an understanding of the Divine Feminine and what this means to you and all planetary life. More is happening than the changing of the age, new energies are emerging and awakening new life. We will explore how to understand the shifts that are occurring and how to move with them into an inner peace and an emerging new reality. As the feminine takes on meaning for us, we will discover her tools and her concerns. Be with us for an introduction to Mother Wisdom; Sophia is her name.

The workshop will take place on July 18 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Hanford House Conference Room in Sutter Creek. Contact Patsy for a registration brochure or go to the website for more information: www.sophiaswell. org

Reiki Healing Circle continue to be offered as a community service twice a month at Refresh at Sutter Creek.  The  Monday Healing Circle of  is followed by a World Healing Meditation.  

Contact Patsy Walker Fine at 418-9003 or email Patsy at sophiaswell@ for more informaion.  Go to www.sophiaswell. org to find out more about Sophia’s Well of Wisdom.




EFT Workshop May 8th

EFT workshop May 8 (6pm-9pm) and May 9 (10am-4pm) at Patty Miles Yoga Center in Murphys.

Would YOU like FREEDOM from:














The cost for both days is $100. Refreshments included but lunch is on your own-lots of wonderful restaurants in Murphys!!

Advanced EFT Trainer Don Varnadore will be presenting the workshop.

Please call Susan McMorris 293-2272 for questions and registration.


Susan McMorris

Wellness Consultant

Wellness by Choice



Our mission is to INSPIRE individuals to discover a whole new way of life and provide them the opportunity to LIVE IT, by changing their lives through improved health and financial well being.

Nikken: Discover IT……..LIVE IT!


Help Baby Noah!

Dear Friends

My friend and colleague, Shawna Ellsworth, has an adorable 3 year old nephew named Noah Borjesson, who has never been able to chew or swallow solid food since birth.  Noah desperately needs your help.  3 year old Noah has been denied specialized care that is his only hope to eat solid food.  We need your help to write a letter of support to the Kaiser Review Committee which is meeting in the next week or two to either reject or accept the refusal decision that was recently made against Noah’s future for a normal life.  Please help Noah obtain authorization from Kaiser for this specialized treatment to help him learn how to chew and swallow food. Please write a brief letter and mail or fax it to:

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.

Member Case Resolution Center

Attn: Cynthia Gwin
1600 Eureka Road
Roseville, CA. 95661

Fax: (916) 771-4241
Phone: (916) 872-6731

I have included Shawna Ellsworth and my letter to the Kaiser Review Board so you can learn more about Noah and the treatment program he needs to live a normal life.

Thank you for assisting Noah Borjesson to obtain this necessary treatment so he can go to preschool as a normal little boy.

Cheryl Scott  RN and Shawna Ellsworth RN

PS Please forward this email on to your friends and neighbors who want to help Noah receive the health care he deserves!

Ladies and Gentleman:

I am writing to you on behalf of the Borjesson family, specifically Noah Borjesson (MR#12759272). Noah has been diagnosed with “Residual Oral Feeding Aversion”. He has been seen by many specialists as noted in the documentation provided to you.  Each of these specialists has concluded that they, within their scope of practice are unable to help him. Noah as a three year old child has NEVER swallowed solid foods, not a cracker, not a slice of banana, not a piece of chocolate, or his own birthday cake. To his families credit they have followed every instruction given to them regarding this diagnosis to no avail. Noah’s mother, Deanna Borjesson is currently a stay at home mom. She is unable to work outside the home as this diagnosis requires her to be with her son. Because she has been a dedicated mother, making sure he eats balanced meals, he is on a normal growth curve for his age. Children with Noah’s eating disorder often end up with frequent hospitalizations, for malnutrition, and dehydration. The treatment requires intravenous hydration, a feeding tube, frequent lab test, medications, and doctor visits. This is chronic and expensive, not to mention horrifically damaging on so many levels. This child should be starting school soon, then what?

    I, as a Registered Nurse, specializing in Maternal Child Health and as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant have witnessed Noah’s eating disorder. I have seen Noah through out his life struggle to eat. Can you imagine eating finely pureed food every meal? Witnessing everyone around you eat; something seemingly as simple as chewing, and swallowing, and you can’t do it. He, at three recognizes that he is different than those around him. As an experienced health care professional I cannot imagine that each of you would deny this child the treatment required for his cure. The help he needs happens to be outside the Kaiser system, you can approve that help for him. Dr Patel, the director of “The Clinic 4 Kidz”, has accepted him as a patient, if Kaiser will approve the treatment. She is highly respected in her expertise and has a nearly one hundred percent success rate. This clinic has been utilized by not only Kaiser in the past, but other reputable healthcare providers such as the University of California Davis. I encourage you to evaluate their website including the testimonials (,I think you will be most impressed.

    As a Kaiser employee, I have been very proud of the care we, as a team give to our clients. I travel two hours to be a part of that team on a regular basis. I know of the financial hardship the economy has placed on our organization. I think however if we can build a parking garage for the convenience of our clients we should and must give them the care they pay for and depend on. Looking for clauses within in contract to deny a child treatment is not just bad public relations but bad medicine. This family and I mean family is dependent on us for our help. That is what we do, it’s what we sell, that is what we should provide; “Thrive” isn’t that our slogan. We can help Noah, who is a real, energetic, little boy, who just wants to “thrive”.

                                           Sincerely, Proudly, Noah Borjesson’s Aunt

                                           Shawna Ellsworth RN, IBCLC

To Whom it May Concern                                                                                                             April 24, 2009

I am writing to you to request the approval of the Pediatric Feeding Disorder Intensive Treatment program through Clinic 4 Kidz be approved for Noah Borjesson, Kaiser MR #12759272, who is diagnosed with Residual Oral Feeding Aversion.  Noah has had this condition since birth and continues to not be able to eat solid food at the age of 3.  Despite his Medical Specialists assessment, treatments & interventions, ALL of Noah’s specialists conclude they are not able to help Noah eat solid food.

                Noah’s mother, DeAnna Borjesson has provided AMAZING care for her child to ensure he does not lose weight or become another “failure to thrive” statistic.  She has not been able to return to work but instead she has stayed with Noah day and night to ensure he is able to eat pureed foods.  However, there is hope for children like Noah Borjesson.  Many children who have gone through teams of medical specialists and have been given up hope~ have been able to have 100% success through the Advanced Behavioral Treatment program offered through Clinic 4 Kids based in Novato, California.

Clinic 4 Kidz is devoted to helping children with feeding difficulties like Noah Borjesson has had since birth.  Clinic 4 Kidz focuses on treating each child as an individual (not a cookbook approach) for treatment development to determine the treatment method most appropriate for each child. To ensure Noah’s treatment outcomes are long-lasting the treatment has to be initiated in Noah’s  natural environment, his home. Training and supervision for a team of therapists working with Noah will be provided by an advance clinician  The initial Pediatric Feeding Disorder intensive treatment program consists of consecutive ALL (e.g., 8-10 hours) day treatment sessions.  During the onset of treatment a trained therapist will work with Noah to develop an appropriate treatment protocol.  Once a successful treatment protocol is established all caregivers are trained to implement that protocol with high integrity.  In addition, other individuals, like Noah’s mother and father and other health care givers working are also trained to implement the treatment protocol.  Then follow-up treatment visits are scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis to continue to advance Noah’s skills.  The goal of Clinic 4 Kidz treatment program is to develop individual treatment plans to decrease unwanted behaviors and increase appropriate behaviors so Noah will be able to learn how to eat and function like all children have the God-given right.

Please give Noah Borjesson the only opportunity for a normal life so he will be able to eat normally and not face a life of continued hospitalizations for dehydration, failure to thrive, nutritional deficiencies etc.  Please approve the Pediatric Feeding Disorder Intensive Treatment program for Noah.


Cheryl Scott RN, PhD, IBCLC

Free Concerts To Continue This Summer Thanks to Calaveras Arts Council

MEDIA RELEASE from the Calaveras Arts Council’s Music in the Parks
Event dates: June 17-Aug. 19, 2009
Locations: Various town parks throughout Calaveras County

Free Concerts To Continue This Summer Thanks to Calaveras Arts Council

Providing free music as a focal point for bringing people together as community is what the Calaveras Arts Council had in mind 18 years ago when it first presented its summer series of “Music in the Parks.”  Once again, starting June 17 until August 19, the concerts will happen every Wednesday night at 6:30 pm in a different town park. These concerts have become one of the most popular on-going public summer events in the county.

People bring picnics, their own chairs, socialize with friends and listen to a vast diversity of music styles.  Over the season, expect to hear everything from Celtic to blues, and from cowboy swing to African drumming. If all the fun music isn’t enough to grab you, then experiencing the unique venues at each of the 10 locations is another reason to go. For example, never been to Rail Road Flat? Or to Copper Town Square? Here is your excuse.

The concerts may be free, but the bands are not. That’s why underwriters are needed to sponsor the concerts in exchange for advertising in the Event Program which is distributed at all ten concerts and at local stores and wineries. A spokesperson from the arts council says its rates are some of the best marketing deals out there, encouraging businesses to let consumers know they’re still open for business, despite the tough times. The audiences at these concerts tend to have lots of time to carefully read all the material in the Program. To get the info on the tax deductible ad rates, call the council at (209)754-1774. In the meantime, here’s the Schedule. Let the fun begin!

June 17 • Copperopolis Town Square GOLDEN BOUGH: Trio of lilting Celtic music

June 24 • Valley Springs Ball Field THE BLACK IRISH BAND: Nautical, Goldrush, Irish and railroad music

July 1 • Mokelumne Hill, Shutter Tree Park JAMES FAIFUA & THE JUKES: Lively blues, jazz and funk

July 8 • Murphys Community Park THE VNOTE ENSEMBLE: Quartet of Venezuelan fusion

July 15 • Greenhorn Creek, Angels Camp STARDUST COWBOYS: Cowboy, Swing & Western Americana

July 22 • Mountain Ranch Park SIDESADDLE & COMPANY: Rousing bluegrass, Irish, Cajun and folk

July 29 • Utica Park, Angels Camp ONYE ONYEMAECHI: Nigerian Drummer & Dancer (bring percussion instruments)

August 5 • Turner Park, San Andreas JOE CRAVEN & SAM BEVAN DUO: World music with strings and percussion

August 12 • Rail Road Flat School Field PASSIN’ THRU: bluegrass, roots, country, family harmonies

August 19 • Cedar Center, Arnold FISHTANK ENSEMBLE: Balkan Gypsy Quintet with saw and song

Feng Shui Class 4/25

Saturday, April 25th from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

 Feng Shui -” Achieving Harmony and Prosperity Now” at Columbia College at Old Glory Hole in Angels Camp.

Registration is due by April 18th. 

The fee is $50.00 for the class and $12.00 for a comprehensive

Please contact Trudy Lackey, Coordinator, Community Education at
588-5100 to register.

Christina Jantzen
Feng Shui Interior Design
P. O. Box
Sutter Creek, CA 95685

office: 209-267-0916
cell:    209-304-8862

Author of Living the Feng Shui Lifestyle: Creating A Harmonious Environment
Where You Thrive.

Simplifying the basics of Feng Shui in a clear and pragmatic manner.

Calaveras Childrens Day

Just wanted to send a reminder that the Childrens Day fair is happening this Saturday April 4th from 10am to 2pm at the Calaveras County Fairgrounds. The Breastfeeding Col. will have a booth, so if you want to come hang out, please do. Please share the info with any parents of young children. It’s free with lots of activities!


Robin Bunch, RN PHN

Maternal, Child, Adolescent Health Program

Calaveras County Public Health Department

891 Mountain Ranch Rd

San Andreas CA 95249



Active Meditation Techniques

Active Meditation Techniques

at Patty Miles Yoga Studio – 821 Murphys Creek Rd

6 Week Series: Thursday Evenings, 6 – 7:15 PM

April 23, 30                

May 14, 21, 28            .

& June 4                   

  $90.00 for series; $20 drop-in


Relaxation, De-Stressing, Grounding with

 Powerful Meditation Tools: Each week a Specific Focus

Engage with your own personal energy field, develop intuition and 

Learn tools to clear:                         

  • Physical and emotional tension,                                                                       
  • Past Anxiety and blockages                                                                    
  • Past experiences,Attachments and patterns that no longer serve us and support:
  • healing, new visions and goals,                                  
  • expanded experience of who you are in life
  • loving kindness and forgiveness                                       
  • Be grounded, focused, and clear –
  • Eliminate self-doubt, confusion and unnecessary fear.
  • Clear energy in the context of relationships –partners, children, bosses, anyone past or present
  • Envision outcomes, and incomes!

 Come, have fun, and  explore!

Johanna Atman, Ph.D. CMT, Whole Life Therapies, has many years of experience in Vipassana and proprioceptive meditation techniques, and has taught these special techniques to individual clients and small groups since 2000. 

Please call Johanna Atman (209)728-3569.                                          

  I am happy to answer your questions!

A second level class will follow for those wishing to continue.

Office Space for Rent, Murphys,Ca

 Murphys Office to share with another practitioner (life coach). If interested, you can’t beat this! Located next to Murphys Post Office.  $150 per month!

Karin Lubin

Passions and Priorities Workshops

Discover the One Thing That Can Change Your Entire Life…

Quantum Leap Coaching offering “Passions and Priorities Workshops”Quantum Leap Coaching now regularly offers three hour “Passion and Priorities” workshops in Calaveras and Tuolumne counties using The Passion Test and other powerful tools and practices that align passion, purpose, and productivity.
You will identify and prioritize your top five passions, create a passion score on how much attention you are putting on what you love to do, learn seven key principles, and clarify and discover your key markers to recognize when you are living a fulfilling life. 

Join us every month starting in April in Murphys and in Angels Camp locations:
•    Patty Miles Yoga Center, 821 Murphys Creek Road, Murphys
April 9th, Thursday, 6-9pm
•    Angels Camp Mercantile & Gallery of Arts, 1267 S. Main Street, Angels Camp

April 22, Wednesday, 6-9pm
Cost: $50
Call to RSVP to 795-3127.

We offer scholarships on a limited basis.
Karin Lubin, Ed.D, and Randy Crutcher, Ed.D, are co-owners of Quantum Leap Coaching. They put on local and international workshops for individuals and organizations. Karin Lubin is a certified Passion Test Facilitator.

SoulCollage Discovery Group in Murphys

April 13- NEW  SoulCollage® Discovery Group in Murphys, Inner Space office

Every second Monday of the month- April 13, May 11 and June 8   6-9pm

Join us for a remarkable journey into the four major suits of SoulCollage: Committee, Companion, Community and Council.

You’ll be guided in how to work with each suit, creating cards and discovering the wisdom the card has to impart through “I Am The One” and readings that provide answers to life’s most important questions.

Cost: $150 for all three workshop evenings.  10% Discount for returning SoulCollagers

Questions? Call 209-795-3127 or email:

To pay  registion go to  and send to or send check to QLC, PO Box 2937, Arnold, CA 95523 to reserve your space.

EFT Workshop w/ Susan McMorris

 Come prepared to collapse some of your limiting beliefs and behaviors. Chart a NEW path for your life.

NEW technique collapses self limiting behavior, fears/phobias and enhances goal achievement! Rapid change in 85-90% of those engaged in the process! SMS teaches principles using FUN, EASY techniques.

1. Knocking down unknown barriers

2. What in the World are you Thinking??

3. Fixing the “potholes” in life

Facilitating consistent & permanent change without the use of needles, medical procedures, drugs, electronic devices, or long term billable hours with therapists. Painless, non-threatening and so simple almost anyone can be trained to use them.

Friday Evening 6-9
Saturday 10-4 (+)

Workshop cost $100 for both sessions 

The workshop will be in Murphys at Patty Miles’ Yoga Studio which is  beautiful, great energy place.

It is within walking distance of downtown Murphys for fabulous food and hotels if you wish to stay the night or the weekend (fun place to play).

Hotel Prices are about $110 for 2 doubles (or maybe 2 queens)

Historic Murphys Hotel or at the Murphys Inn Motel (price available only on internet for the INN)

Food is wonderful at several places. Not to mention the WINE! Lavender Ridge even has Organic wine.

Would YOU like FREEDOM from:










· Miracles happening every day

· Moving beyond deep trauma and living normal lives

· Fears/phobias eliminated allowing individuals to flourish

· Excess grief shed creating a brighter future

· Test anxiety collapsed opening new opportunities

· Personal achievement reaching new heights

· Corporate Absenteeism decreased

Informative video about Veterans with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder





FREE Infant Massage Class

I just returned fron a wonderful trip to San Fransico where I did part of my traning to be an Infant Massage Instructor.. .to finish the process I need to teach 3 families and get feedback.

Anyone interrested? Know anyone who would be interested?

Call me! 

April 13th

The Solution Within Hypnosis Center
270 Hanford St. Sutter Creek

Space is limited to 4 families

Reservations Req.


(from www.LiddleKidz. com )

Infant massage is not just limited to babies toddlers,older children welcome!

During massage, infants and their caregivers learn the art of forming secure relationships through attuned communication, which leads to lifelong benefits for your entire family. In our infant massage classes we have noticed that massage helps mothers and fathers to understand and respond to their child’s nonverbal language with love, caring and compassion. Using infant massage not only helps you to respond to your baby’s nonverbal language, but also to recognize your child’s cues and ways of communicating throughout the massage session.

Infant Massage classes are designed to foster mutual trust and understanding between parent and child. Clinical research has shown that massaging your baby can aid in your infant’s physiological and neurological development and function, and massage helps soothe common discomforts. Baby massage has been shown to assist in reducing symptoms of colic, promotes restful sleep for the infant (and in turn the parents), and increases healthy attachment and bonding.

We structure our infant massage classes to be offered on a weekly basis so that we can teach you new massage strokes while you introduce them to your baby in a way that will not over stimulate your child. As with anything new we are introducing to our babies, it is important to give infants the time they need to first have this “new thing” introduced, think about it and decide what they think. We recognize the importance of empowering infants and children through touch and respect the baby’s opinion and choice.

Even when you are scheduled for one of our infant massage classes and your baby is crying, fussy or sleeping, we remind you that are welcome to come to class. These classes are designed for you and your child in an environment that is conducive to relaxation and enjoyment. When you are in class, even just holding your child, we will teach you the information you need to provide massage with your baby at a time that is perfect for both of you.

Our Infant massage classes are available to parents of infants birth to pre-crawling, expectant parents, adoptive parents, foster parents and parents of pre-term infants (babies born prematurely) . grandparents, extended family members, caregivers and anyone else who loves the child is also welcome. If your baby has, or may be experiencing symptoms of colic, or has any other special needs, we only ask that you contact us for an initial phone consultation prior to joining one of our infant massage courses, so that we can determine the best way to support you and your baby.

We invite you to learn the value and many benefits of massage and how you can communicate your love for your child through touch.
Training Includes

In a series of weekly classes, parents and caregivers will learn to recognize their infant’s unique communication cues as well as special techniques of infant massage which have been shown to increase family bonding. Course fee includes informational massage handouts and massage oil.

Who Should Attend

Our Infant massage classes are available to parents of infants birth to pre-crawling, expectant parents, adoptive parents, foster parents and parents of pre-term infants (babies born prematurely) . grandparents, extended family members, caregivers and anyone else who loves the child is also welcome. If your baby has, or may be experiencing symptoms of colic, or has any other special needs, we only ask that you contact us for an initial phone consultation prior to joining one of our infant massage courses, so that we can determine the best way to support you and your baby.


Brandy Astwood