Amador Co-op

FROM Butte Mountain Organic Farm
Carolyn Boyd and Kirk McDonald, 17336 Butte Mountain Road, Jackson, CA 95642
For those interested there will be another Amador Co-op Meeting, tomorrow, Wed June 24th

This message came from Sean

The meetingis set for 10 a.m. and I believe we need to discuss leadership within our group in order to move forward effectively.  If you have suggestions as to what else we need to discuss immediately please email me so I can put them on a agenda. 
To open up the leadership question, I cannot take this on.  That is to say I will support and do what I can but I am not willing to spearhead this project.  It would be great if one of you would step forward and lead the way towards a local food and fiber cooperative for our  community.


Hi all,  Unfortunately we have been bumped out of the Health and Human
Services Conference room as offices there have priority.  We will be
holding the Co-op meeting in conference room C in the Amador Co. Admin
Bldg at 810 court street in Jackson. 
Excuse the confusion,

Belly Dancers Flea Market 7/25

Lesley Cox (of Desert Oasis Dancers) and I are excited to announce the first Belly Dancer’s Flea Market to be held at the Kundalini studio in Jackson, Saturday, July 25 from 10-4.

We invite any and all who are interested to participate. We will have a central checkout to make things more convenient, and items will be organized by category (skirts, tops, fabric, instruments, etc). If you would like to sell some of your items, contact Tracy or I and then simply mark your items clearly with your initials and the price. We ask that all those participating help either with set-up, clean-up or a shift during the sale day if possible. 10% of sales will go to the Kundilini Dance Studio for the use of the space and advertising. So start making plans now. Go through your dance stuff, or even make some cool things to sell (dropping a hint to all who are creatively talented). If you know someone just starting out, this would be the sale to point them to so they can start building their dance wardrobe affordably.

I’m really looking forward to this and shopping till I drop!

Mark your calendars! Or, just come shop!!!! 

 See you then!

Tracy at

Raft the Moke to Save the River

On Sunday, June 28, you’ll have the rare opportunity to raft the Mokelumne River with OARS of Angels Camp. OARS will run three special raft trips on the Mokelumne’s six-mile Electra-Middle Bar run to benefit the Foothill Conservancy and support its work to protect and restore the Mokelumne River.

This is a special opportunity to float the Mokelumne and experience its beauty from river level with knowledgeable guides and professional equipment. Commercial rafting is not allowed on the Mokelumne, so these trips are being allowed under a special permit.

The trip is a fun, Class II-III trip suitable for families and seniors. No prior rafting experience is required. There’s plenty of time to relax and enjoy the scenery as well as fun, Class II-III rapids: the Chute, S-Turn, and Devil’s Toilet Bowl. Below the Highway 49 bridge, rafters may see ducks, geese and other wildllife along the river. The entire trip, including transportation to and from the site, should take less than four hours.

Cost is $70 per person and space is limited. Advance reservations are required. Participants must be at least age 7. Youth under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

The trips will be guided and equipped by OARS of Angels Camp, one of the finest whitewater rafting companies in the country. They have fun, knowledgeable guides and well-equipped and maintained rafts.

Foothill Conservancy of Pine Grove is the leading conservation group involved in the protection and restoration of the upper Mokelumne River, which provides 90 percent of the East Bay’s water. Most recently, it has led the fight to stop the expansion of Pardee Reservoir. The Conservancy is seeking permanent protection of the Mokelumne through National Wild and Scenic River designation.  

To reserve your spot, call Randy at Foothill Conservancy, 209.295-4900 or e-mail him at

For more on OARS, see its website, For more on Foothill Conservancy’s efforts to protect and restore the Mokelumne, and photos of the river, see its website,

For more information on the trips, contact Randy at 209.295.4900 or e-mail

Natural Lawn & Garden Recommendations

To order any of these products contact Corinne at

Reminding you that a healthy “looking” lawn & garden often means unhealthy issues for children and pets. Melaleuca Customers have other options to making our lawn healthy and chemical free.  


  • Mushrooms – Spray in trouble spots with a diluted mixture of Tough N Tender (will also kill gnats) and ants.
  • Weed Killer –  Mix 1/4 cup Tough N Tender  with 1 gallon vinegar and 2 cups salt  – apply to trouble spots
  • Yard Bugs – Mix 1 cup of Lemon Brite dish soap and 1 cup of already mixed Breath-Away Mouthwash into a 20 gallon hose-end sprayer and soak your lawn, garden beds and trees to the point that the fluid is running off.  Bugs HATE it! 
  • ANTS–  Spray concentrated Pre-spot Plus on areas ants congregate (don’t use on wood).   ALSO:  Combine 1 oz of MelaMagic and 1 oz of So-U-Mel in a 16 oz bottle filled with water (great for black ants)
  • ARMY WORMS– Mix 1/2 cup of MelaMagic in 2 gallons of water to spray for army worms.  Spray coccon, nest, and any web.   (This will also help with the ant invasion that follows)
  • BUG Spray– A safe and non-toxic bug spray can be made from a combination of ¼ cup of Sol-U-Mel, 5 drops of T36-C5, 1tsp of Tough & Tender, and 14 oz of water. It costs a fraction of commercial sprays. One medical study suggests that bug sprays may increase the risk of Parkinson’s disease. Why take the chance?


Some NATURAL REMEDIES:     Special Tips for Gardens

Fertilizer- Tough & Tender diluted through a lawn sprayer unit is an excellent fertilizer for your Rose Bushes.

Use lots of organic fertilizer, especially compost. Compost is a natural primary fertilizer choice is pretty good for planting gardens. Compost is a living system of microbes and decaying organic matter. As microbes continually break down the organic matter, important nutrients are released slowly and steadily to be used by the plants. The glue-like waste products of these microbes create a porous soil which holds more air and water, helping your plants to breathe and drink.

Don’t plant in rows. Plant with equal space in every direction. Rows were invented to ease the harvesting of really big crops. In your own backyard this is less relevant. Try growing your plants equally distant from one another in all directions. This helps exclude many invasive weeds. Additionally, this creates a microclimate which keeps heat in and retains moisture, the combination which stimulates robust plant growth.

Use plants suitable to your specific region. Buy seed (preferably organic) from a company that harvests seed locally. These seeds have been selected for their performance within the specific requirements of your local environment.

Use nature’s tricks. Plants have evolved their own pesticides such as caffeine and nicotineDump some chewing tobacco or coffee grounds in your watering can to make a less toxic pesticidal tea. Apply generously whenever you water.


Special Tips for Lawns

Use a variety of grass suited to your local area. Call your county extension service to find out which variety of grass would be most appropriate.

Reduce soil compaction. To aerate your soil use earthworms and a garden fork. For bigger jobs, rent an aerating machine.

Remove thatch build up. Thatch is the layer of decomposing roots, leaves, and stems at the surface of the soil. Removing this layer allows water and fertilizer to penetrate down to the roots where they are most needed. Use a thatching rake or for big jobs, rent a thatching machine. It is most strategic to do this in the spring or fall when the grass will grow back quickly.

Mow frequently but lightly. Mowing too low to the ground reduces the amount of green in a lawn, which reduces its ability to produce food. Mowing too low also causes a lawn to dry out. Finally, be sure to use a sharp blade to reduce the stress on the grass.



1.  Cucumber peelings will get rid of black ants.  Spread peels by ant trails in your house; the ants eat the peels and die.

2.  Kill ants in lawns by pouring one pound of coffee grounds in a quart of boiling water over the anthill.  A very big anthill may require a larger amount of coffee and hot water.

3. Repelling Ants on Counter Tops:  Wipe counters down every day with cider vinegar… (unless counters are made of Marble… vinegar dissolves marble).

Silver Fish / Roaches  –  Mix 1/2 cup baking soda with 1 Tbsp of powdered sugar.  Put the mixture in roach/silverfish areas (out of children’s and pet’s reach).  Bugs eat the mixture and explode.

Slugs    – Fill spray bottle with 1/2 and 1/2 solution of vinegar and water.  At night, use flashlight to find slugs in garden and spray the slugs with a “stream” setting.  The vinegar causes the slugs to slime to death.  (Also, put out a pan of beer. This will lure slugs to a drunken death.)

Amador Mind~Body~Spirit Fair 10/31 Vendors Wanted!

MBS Productions presents . . . the First Ever. . .

Amador Mind~Body~Spirit Fair

WHEN:  October 31st and November 1st 2009

 WHERE: The Evalynn Bishop Hall – Ione, CA

 WHAT: A great variety of healers, health/

body-work specialists and vendors offering

health products, jewelry, books, crystals, gifts and much more.  PLUS dozens of the best readers, psychics and presenters offering new ideas, insights and guidance.


Join Our E-Mailing List and get all the latest news and updates!

April Hughes ~ MBS Productions  ~  PO Box 1055  ~ Sutter Creek , CA 95685
Call 209.304.4362 or 209.295.3954

June Potluck





Hi. I know that everyone is very busy during the summer (myself included), so before I plan a pot luck for June, I wanted to find out who all would committ to coming. Last year I planned an event in June and only about 4 people came. So if everybody is too busy, I understand. I just need to know.

If we do it, this is what it would be:

Sunday, June 14th – Picnic In The Park – D eter Park,Jackson
Games, prizes, watermelon, you know – an old fashioned picnic.

So – Who would come? How many adults and how many kids in your group?
Please respond by May 20th to
SUBJECT: Potlcuk

Spiritual Market, Valley Springs,Ca

The next Spiritual Market will be:

Spiritual Market
Sunday, May 16.
VFW, 189 pine street valley springs, CA
This will be our first time at this location.


This event is open to all.

$1.00 donation, children 12 & under free.

Vendors – Readers – Healers
Free: Arts & Crafts for the kids!

 Open Ritual
Door Prizes – Raffle Prizes

We are working on having a Pagan Clown too.

The Spiritual Market is growing fast.
 This is our second year and we’re having a blast!
These events were started so we, in the Pagan community, would have some place to go and network, hang out for the day. An event where not just Pagan retailers, but also Pagan “crafters” can go and participate in to show off and sell there beautiful handcrafted items.

The Spiritual Market is put on by Breed & The Cauldron of Grace & Knowledge.

Vendors – Healers – Readers
Presenters & Entertainers

If you or someone you know would be interested in participating in this event or any of our future events contact:
Breed  (209) 293-2289
spiritualmarket@ …

 Spiritual Market Events
Events are being scheduled monthly and will be rotating locations.

 We will be back at the VFW in valley springs not sure of when yet

Come Join Us!
Please pass this info on to others, Thank You.

Womens Circle in Jackson

Sacred Circle

A place for women to explore their spiritual path.


Join us at our monthly women’s circles where we honor the sacred in each of us and in everything, discovering our essential selves through sharing and connecting.


Circles meet on the Saturday closest to the full moon

in Jackson, in Amador County.


Potluck and sharing time begins at 4:00pm


Sacred Circle is from 5:30—8:00pm.


For more information, please call Tracy at (209) 419-1362 or email her at

Upcoming Events

Spiritual Market
Various Locations
293 – 2289 for Date and Location


Amador Chriopractic & Wellness Center presents…
May 5
#5  Healthy Thinking
Don’t Let Stress Make Your Life A Mess
June 2
#6  Why Pain Hurts and What To Do About It
Making Chronic Pain Your Best Friend
July 28
#7  The Best Kept Secret In Today’s Health Care
August 25
#8  Medicines or Drugs
Are They Saving You or Killing You?
Sept 22
#9  Wellness Essentials
What The Experts Think and Do
October 20
#10 How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich
Amador Chriopractic & Wellness Center
Call to reserve your seat today
(209) 223-2225

Ongoing Monthly/Bi-Weekly Events

Biweekly – Monthly
1at Monday of Each Month
Break Free from Smoking with Hypnosis!
Brandy Astwood, Clinical Hypnotherapist and owner of The Solution Within Hypnosis Center in Sutter Creek, California is offering her highly effective smoking cessation program beginning May 4th at 10 am or 7pm.  The program consists of one group session,  2 private session and  custom CD for maximum success for only $195
New sessions will begin on the first Monday of each month and is limited to 6 per program series.
Pregnant mothers can request the Healthy Beginnings discount and pay only $99 Smokers who have taken the TRAC classes , get a $25 discount
For more information:Brandy Astwood 209-304-8495

1st Saturday of Each Month ~ Birth Education Circle
JUST BEGIN AGAIN Women’s Cancer Support Group. Meets the first Friday of each month at 1PM at the Amador Senior Center, 229 New York Ranch Road, Jackson. Just Begin Again is a monthly meeting for women who share the bond of cancer. Affiliated with Amador Stars. For further info email: or phone 296-2187.
proACTIVE Parkinsons Support Group. Living well with parkinsons…what’s shakin’? Meets the 3rd Thursday of every month, 10AM-Noon, Calvary Chapel Patio Building, 18400 Ridge Road, Pine Grove. Neurological support group meets at location at Calvary Chapel offers handicap parking, access and restrooms.  For meeting details and for information about Parkinsons Disease, please call Sarah Johnson of proACTIVE parkinsons project at 296-2575
MONTHLY CANDLELIGHT VIGIL: Amador Citizens for Peace – Every 3rd Friday of every month at 5PM, Corner of Highways 88/49, near Jackson City Hall. Candlelight vigil for the Iraq Moratorium. For more information: Cheryl Scott: 296-4684 & Nora Coryell 223-3322

Ongoing Weekly Classes

Ongoing Classes

Monday Meditation Class with Eugene Alliende, Jackson



FREE Prenatal Fitness Program funded my Amador First 5.
9:30 am at The Solution Within Hypnosis Center. Hosted by Childbirth Educator and Doula, Brandy Astwood


Beginning Meditation
Class with Eugen Alliende at Global Healing Arts, Jackson


COMMUNITY YOGA CLASS – Mondays and Thursdays, 9 – 10AM and 5:30-6:30PM, Pine Grove Town Hall on Highway 88. Classes are $5.00 per class. Contact Marie Schluter at (209) 223-1521, or by email: for further information

Belly Dancing Class
Tuesday Evenings
Drop in Welcome!
Kundalini Dance
163 Main St. Jackson


Classes at Zai Studio, Moke Hill
Gental Yoga – 9:30am
Gentle yoga  – 5:30pm
Health & Longevity 10am
Beginning Kung Fu – Adults 5:30pm
Health & Longevity 6:30pm
Advanced Kung Fu 5:30pm
Health & Longevity 8am
Kung Fu – Adults 5:30 pm
Health & Longevity 6:30pm


9am Tuesdays
Yoga  with Olga @ 54 Main-Upstairs Sutter Creek -Upstairs from On Purpose.
Drop in rate $10 class

Wellness Recovery workshop

 WRAP workshop will start May 6 in Valley Springs and meet for 8 sessions on Wednesdays. Learn how to recognize stress before it gets out of hand and make a plan of action to nurture yourself.