SOPHIA’S WELL OF WISDOM September Calendar

> Meets Sunday morning from 10 to 12 a.m.
> Music provided by Shari Anderson and/or Laurie Vela and son Jeremiah >
> DESERT RETREAT is the September Theme
> Meets Thursday morning 9:30 – 11 a.m.
> The purpose of the Thursday morning gathering is to engage group spiritual practices that support the body, heart, mind, and soul in a supportive group setting. > 9/5: Desert Spirituality – Rev. Patsy
> 9/12: Dry and Empty Places – Rev. Patsy
> 9/19: Desert as a Sacred Place – Marilyn Nutter
> 9/26: Oasis in the Desert – Rev. Patsy
> 9/2: Healing Circle & World Healing Meditation
> 9/9: Body-based Meditation Practice
> 9/16: Sophia Circle – Compassionate Speaking and Listening > 9/23: Chakra Balancing: Sixth Chakra
> 9/30: Know Thyself: Numerology
> A Course in Miracles: Meets Tuesday evening from 7 – 9 p.m. > With ACIM teacher: Helen Bonner
> REIKI HEALING CIRCLE: Monday September 13 from 6:45 – 8:45 p.m.
> Energy-active meditation and Reiki Circle followed by a World Healing Meditation at 8:30 p.m. >
> PLAYSHOP – United as One: Saturday September 18 from 2:30 – 5 p.m.
> Monthly intergenerational, interfaith “playshop” for all ages! Contact Laurie Story for information – email:, or call 267-8084 or 217-7467. >
> INNER LIGHT CIRCLE: Monday September 20 at 6:45 – 7:45 p.m.
> For serious-minded spiritual students on the transcendent path. Listen to CD by Zen Buddhist teacher Adyashanti on Self-Inquiry: What Am I? followed by a guided meditation. Contact Rev. Patsy for more information. >
> Motherlode Holistic Connection Open House: Saturday September 25 > Celebrate the 1st birthday of MHC with workshops all day. > Sophia’s Well of Wisdom will be featured from 10 – 11 a.m. >
> Coming Next Month: Adventures in Meditation Workshop ~ October 16 > SOPHIA’S WELL OF WISDOM ~ #8 Court Street, Jackson ~ 209-418-9003 > All meetings are at this location unless otherwise noted. > CONTEMPLATIVE BODYWORK & SPIRITUAL CARE SERVICES
> For more information or to RSVP, call (209) 418-9003
> Email
> Visit our website at
> Rev. Patsy Walker Fine, Minister
> An Interfaith Spiritual Center for Wellness for Body and Soul > # 8 Court Street, Jackson
> Rev. Patsy Walker Fine
> 209-418-9003

Local products available

Hi, Here is the list of local products available this week for purchase through Motherlode Harvest, for pickup on Tuesday, September 7, between 10:30 am and noon, or 4:30 to 6 pm at 1235 Jackson Gate Road in Jackson, behind Teresa’s Restaurant. To place an order, please respond to this email, or email me at motherlodeharvest, or call me at 419-2503 by 9 am on Sunday. Please include a daytime phone number with your order. Payment may be made at pickup by cash or check made out to Motherlode Harvest.

We also have subscription produce boxes available, in a family size (8-10 items) at $88 for 4 weeks, or a single size (6-8 items) at $68 for 4 weeks.

If you are already subscribed to a box, please remember that we will assume you are renewing your subscription after each 4 weeks unless we hear otherwise from you 1 week in advance. If you need to skip your box for a week, please contact me by Friday of the preceding week.

Thank you for supporting this program!

Michelle Grondin

Customer coordinator


Motherlode Harvest

Local Products Order List

Please contact Michelle Grondin at 419-2503 or at motherlodeharvest

by Sunday at 9:00 am with your order requests.

Produce/Flowers/Herbs/Plants, by Grower

Paloma Pollinators

–Sweet peppers– a mix of nardello, bell, banana, and others $2.00/1/2-lb.

–Hot peppers– jalapeno and cayenne $1.00/1/4-lb.

–Cherry tomatoes $3.75/pint basket

–Herbal Teas $5.00/1 oz. Package:

Manzanita Ridge Tea- This is our personal favorite, a tea with wonderful anise flavor that makes an excellent hot or iced beverage. Contains: anise hyssop, borage, bergamot, lemon balm and manzanita blossoms.

Sleep Ease Tea- A nice blend to help relax, unwind and ease tension. Contains: skullcap, catnip, hops, chamomile, lavender, bergamot.

Tulsi Rose Tea- Holy basil is a wonderful herb that helps reduce the physical and mental affects of stress. It aids in building endurance and is a great afternoon pick me up. Combined with mineral rich nettles and calendula/rose petals for a nice caffeine free invigoration.

Licorice Mint- Comforting and refreshing all at the same time, a delicious combination to enjoy hot or iced. Licorice root and mint are a lovely pairing not only for their flavor but also for their calming and soothing effects on the tummy and spirit.

Casa de la Pradera

–Dried lavender flowers $1.25/1/2-oz. Bag

Boggs Market Farm

–-Organic Herbal Tea $2.00/oz.: Chamomile

–Peaches: white, cling stone peaches – super tasty $3.00/lb.

Lucero Organic Farm

–Strawberries, $3.50/basket 3 baskets/$10.00

–Summer Squash, assorted varieties $2.25/lb.

–Cucumbers $2.25/lb.

Always Enough Ranch

–Corn $.63/ear

–Tomatoes $2.80/lb.

–Green onions $1.25/bunch

–Onions, Stockton sweet red $2.25/lb.

–Green bell peppers $2.00/1/2-lb.

–Red bell peppers $2.00/1/2-lb.

–Italian sweet frying peppers $2.00/1/2-lb.

–Sweet banana peppers $2.00/1/2-lb.

–Anaheim peppers, $2.00/1/2-lb.

–Marchant Italian white wax peppers, $1.00/1/4 lb.

–Chard, $1.75/bunch

–Baby beet greens (tiny beets, mostly greens) $1.40/bunch

–Beets, $2.81/lb.

–Jalapeno peppers, $1.00/1/4 lb.

Greg Motch

–Tomatoes, Heirloom, $2.80/lb.

Jackson Creek Farm

–Basil, $2.50/2-oz. Bunch

–Summer Squash, $2.25/lb.

Tyson Hill Farm


Autumn Flame firm yellow freestone peaches– good for eating fresh, freezing, canning


$10/ 4 lb

$20/flat (over 10 lbs)

$35/box (over 20 lbs)

September Snow firm white freestone peaches


Mixed freestone peaches

$10/ 4 lb


Flavorful Late Santa Rosa plums


Prune plums– good for eating fresh, drying, canning


Damson heirloom plums– make classic English preserves, tart skin


$25/flat (over 12 lbs)

–Mixed plum/pluot sack



Thompson Seedless heirloom grapes– sweet eating, dry for raisins, freeze for mini-pops


$10/ 4 lb

$25/flat (over 12 lbs)

Red Flame crisp seedless grapes– sweet eating, dry for raisins, freeze for mini-pops


$10/ 4 lb

Mixed green, red, and black seedless grapes

$10/ 4 lb

–Mixed fruit yellow & white peaches, mixed plum, grapes


Butte Mountain Farm

–Garlic $.63/head

–Shallots $2.00/1/2-lb. Bag

–Sunflower greens $1.25/1-oz. bag


–Always Enough Ranch, Acampo

Goat, Naturally raised

Goat Loin chops $12.50/lb. 4/pkg. Ave. .5-.75 lb. total

Goat Leg steaks $12.50/lb. 2/pkg. Ave. 1 lb.

–Mendoza Red Angus, Valley Springs

Available as of 9/3/10

Name of Cut # item per package # of pkg in stock $/lb Approx pkg weight

Filet Mignon 2 2 $19.00 1 – 1.5

Sirloin Tip Steak 1 1 $8.50 1.5 – 2.2

London Broil 1 1 $6.00 1.25 – 2

Chateaubriand 1 1 $7.00 2.0 – 3.0

Flat Iron Steak 2 1 $7.00 1.45 – 2.5

Ground Beef 1/3 lb Patties 3 50+ $6.00 1.13

Ground Beef 90% lean 50+ $5.50 1

Small Brisket 1 3 $5.00 2.1 – 3.5

Large Brisket 1 1 $5.00 5.28 – 5.75

Cross Rib Roast 1 6 $6.00

Chuck Roast 1 7 $6.00 2.0 – 3.0

Ball Tip Roast 1 1 $6.00 2.4 – 3.0

Eye of Round Roast 1 2 $6.00 3.25 – 3.5

Fajita/Stir Fry Strips 8 $6.00 .8 – 1.3

Carne Asada varies 4 $6.00 1.5 – 2.0

Back Ribs 2 $4.00

Cross Cut Shank 1 10 $5.00 1

Teriyaki Beef Sticks 1 1.50 ea/10 or more 1.25 ea

–Darkhorse Ranch, Fiddletown

Darkhorse Ranch’s steers and lambs are all grass fed and supplemented with alfalfa during the end of the summer and or during the winter before the grass is growing. They have a great life grazing in the foothills of Fiddletown . They receive no antibiotics.

Beef, grass/alfalfa fed

1/4 beef = about 150 lbs.; 1/2 beef = about 300; whole beef = about 600 lbs. Price: about $5.70/lb. final weight. Butchering done at Swingles.

Lamb, grass/alfalfa fed

Whole lamb Price: $2.70/lb. hanging weight. The buyer is responsible for the butchering cost at Swingles.

–Frank’s Basque Family Farm, Stockton

Lamb, Natural (milk and grass fed)

Whole lamb cut and wrapped $295 (at least 50 lbs.), half lamb cut and wrapped $155, Delivery available.

New! Lamb packages for those with limited freezer space: $99.00, approximately 1/3 lamb. Also with delivery.

Frankie’ Favorite Package– 1 Leg of Lamb, 4 Rib Chops, 4 Loin Chops, 3 lbs. Lamb Riblets, 2 lbs. Ground Lamb

Vincente’s Vital Lamb Package– 1 Rack of Lamb (8), 4 Leg Steaks, 4 Loin Chops, 2 Lamb Shanks, 4 Shoulder Chops, 2 lbs. Ground Lamb

Mitch’s Must-Have Lamb Package– 4 Leg Steaks, 1 Sirloin Roast, 8 Loin Chops, 4 Rib Chops, 2 Lamb Shanks, 2-3 lbs. Lamb Stew, 1 lb. Ground Lamb


–Large, Free-range $4.38/doz., from Always Enough Ranch

–Medium, Free-range $3.88/doz., from Always Enough Ranch


–-Paloma Pollinators

1-lb. Jar $14.00, 1/2-lb. Jar $8.00

From hives in Paloma and outside of Jackson

Olive Oil

–Extra Virgin Estate Grown 2010 Vintage, $15.00/12.7 oz or 375 ml bottle, from Amador Olive Oil

Body and Health Products

–-Always Enough Ranch

English Analgesic Balm $12.00

Developed from an old English apothecary remedy, this is a great topical pain killer.

Shea Body Butter, 4 oz. $12.00

Skin moisturizer for body and face, all natural ingredients

Shea Body Butter, Peppermint Orange 4 oz. $12.00

Shea Body Butter, Lavender 4 oz. $12.00

Soothing Shea Ice, 3.75 oz. $12.00

A salve for congestion, arthritis, gout, headaches, and muscle aches

Shea Ice +Plus, 3.75 oz. $15.0

Has the same ingredients as the Soothing Shea Ice, plus added herbs and essential oils to address skin problems such as psoriasis, nail fungus, athlete’s foot, and eczema.

Golden Deep Treating Lotion, 1 oz. Roll-on $12.00

Used to relieve pain, improve circulation, remove toxins and help heal injuries such as muscle strains, tendonitis, and arthritis.

Colloidal Silver, 4 oz. $10.00

Used topically or taken internally as an antibiotic, a fungicide, and a virucide.

Goat Milk Soap $4.00

Known for its gentleness to your skin. The goat milk has natural proteins and oils to nourish your skin while cleaning.

–Paloma Pollinators herbal tea and body care products:

Calendula Salve- Renowed for its’ healing and soothing properties, calendula is good for minor skin irritations, eczema and dry skin. Made from organic olive, almond and sesame oils infused with calendula and other herbs, beeswax, vitamin E, essential oils. 4oz jar- $10.00

St. Johnswort Pain Relieving Salve, 4 oz. jar $10.00

Foot Saavy- This is an effective salve for easing tired and sore feet, it’s deeply nourishing combination of oils and herbs heals cracked soles and invigorates blood flow to tired doggies. Made with organic olive, almond, castor and sesame oils infused with a variety of mints and sages, beeswax, vitamin E, essential oils of ginger, eucalyptus, rosemary. 4oz jar- $10.00

Elderflower Rose Skin Cream- This is an exquisite cream for your face and hands, it restores moisture and elasticity to mature and sun damaged skin. Contains organic olive, almond and sesame oils infused with elderflowers and a variety of herbs and flowers, shea and cocoa butters, aloe vera, distilled water, rose absolute and essential oil of lavender. 2oz jar- 4.00

Honey Rose Facial Scrub- A treat for your skin! ground rose petals, honey and carrot seed attract moisture to the skin. This is a perfect trio for effectively cleansing skin without stripping it of moisture. Makes your cheeks rosey! 4 oz. Jar- $10.00

–-Amador Olive Oil

Olive Oil Soap, Handcrafted Natural 4 oz. Bar $5.00, Almond or Apricot 3 oz. Bar $4.00

Amador Olive Oil, coconut oil, castor oil, glycerin (water & sodium hydroxide), almond or apricot fragrance.

–Creekside Herbs

All of our remedies are things that you can make yourself. We encourage you to make remedies of your own and we offer classes and workshops to show you how.

Always consult your physician before taking herbs.

Peace and Blessings, Sharon

Quick Heal Salve 2oz. $12.00 1/2 oz $5.00

The kids named this one because it works so well as a general purpose first aid salve. It does wonders for cracked feet and scaly skin. It contains Comfrey, Calendula, Plantain, Goldenseal and lavender in a cold pressed Virgin olive oil base with bees wax added.

Pain Away Salve 2oz. $12.00

This relieves the pain of sore muscles and joints when applied with a little friction and/or moist heat. A gently warming analgesic salve that contains St.John’s Wort, corydalis, arnica, ginger and cinnamon in a cold pressed virgin olive oil base with bees wax. Helps relieve the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome as well as arthritis.

Cough Elixir 4oz. $10.00

This cough elixir soothes a rough dry throat while encouraging expectoration. It contains elecampane root, marshmallow root, pleurisy root, wild cherry bark, anise, ginger, lobelia and uncooked honey. This product is very concentrated and may be diluted by 50% with honey. It is not intended for children under age 2.

Herbal Tinctures

Tinctures are a method of preserving plant essence with alcohol. They are quite concentrated and work quicker than a capsule.

Crud Buster $10.00

This one is for the acute condition. It is not meant to be taken on a regular basis or for maintenance of the immune system. If you have the crud, give this one a try; it contains echinacea, usnea and goldenseal. For best results, take 20-40 drops every two hours or so, until the bottle is gone or you are well.

Immune Support $9.00

We take this one if there is a bug going around and we don’t want to catch it or any time our immune system could use a boost. As the name suggests try this one before you get sick. It contains Astragalus, echinacea, turkey tail mushrooms

Nighty Night $9.00

This will cause drowsiness, do not use before anything except bed. It contains valerian root, skullcap, California Poppy.

Hot Flash $8.00

Hormone balancing phytoestrogens work together to cleanse the liver and blood. Black Cohash, Red Clover and Dandelion Root.

Emotional Balance $7.00

This is an herbal alternative to antidepressants. St. John’s Wort is known for its mood elevating qualities Skullcap helps to turn off the mental chatter as well as helping to overcome addictions, Biota Seed calms and supports the heart.

Headache Relief Formula $7.00

The name says it all. Contains feverfew, skullcap, white willow, wood betony

Simples $7.00

Simples are not formulas, they contain only the one herb on the label. Listed below are a few of our more popular simples.

Stinging Nettle





St. Johns Wort

Wool Products

–Yarn, skeins of cormo/rambouilett 2 ply, 2.8 oz $12.00, from Butte Mountain Farm

Whole fleece, 5.5 lbs for $48.00, rambouilett and cormo cross, 3-3.5″ staple length


100% Beeswax Candles from The Boyd & the Bees at Butte Mountain Farm

To see photographs, burn times and sizes go to

The prices below include California Sales Tax.

ACORN – $12.00

ANGEL, large – $5.00

ANGEL, small – $3.50

BALL, FERN – $15.00

BEAR, rounded – $4.25

BEAR & SKEP – $4.25

BEEHIVE (SKEP) – $5.00


EGG, CARVED – $15.00

EGG, SMOOTH – $4.25

HEART, floating – $3.50

FLOWER, floating, Poinsettia – $4.25

FLOWER, floating, Rose – $4.25

FLOWER, floating, Sunflower – $4.25

FLOWER, Tulip – $5.00

NATIVITY FIGURE Set, Joseph, Mary, Jesus – $7.00

ORNAMENTS, cherub face, horse, house or Santa – $2.00 each

PILLAR, BEE – $12.00


PILLAR, LEAFY – $27.50

PINE CONE, large – $22.00

PINE CONE, small – $3.50

PINE CONE, thin – $5.00

PUMPKIN – $5.00

RACCOON – $4.25

STAR, floating – $4.25

STAR, 6 pointed – $12.00

SWIRL – $10.00


TAPER, 4-inch spiral – $3.75 pair

TAPER, 8-inch spiral textured – $5.75 pair

TAPER, 7 ½ -inch spiral – $5.25 pair

TAPER, 8-inch honeycomb – $5.75 pair

TAPER, 6-inch solid – $5.25 pair

TAPER, 10-inch solid – $7.75 pair

TAPER, 12-inch solid – $8.25 pair

TREE, white beeswax – $4.25

TURKEY – $8.75

VOTIVE, large – $2.75 each/$5.25 pair

VOTIVE, small – $2.00 each/$3.75 pair

WOLF – $8.75

farmers market newsletter sept 2

Please enjoy this latest issue of the farmers’ market newsletter. Special thanks to Janice Johnson of the Master Gardeners, and Diane Kriletich of the Jackson market for their contributions, and as always, to Linda Hagye for her publication. There is lots going on at the markets this weekend, so bring your coupon and come enjoy the festivities!
Michelle Grondin
Market manager

Amador Farmers Market

September 2, 2010 Volume 2, Number 11
“Fresh From Our Farms To Your Home.”
Certified Farmers Markets are “the Real Thing:” places where genuine farmers offer only agricultural products they grow themselves for direct sale to the public.

Farmers Market

Pine Grove

Wed 3 to 6 pm


Thurs 4 to 7 pm

Sutter Creek

Sat 8 to 11am


Sun 10am to 1


Cilantro Pesto

2 cups fresh cilantro (about ½ lb)

1 clove garlic

½ c grated Parmesan Cheese

¼ pine nuts

1 tsp grated lime peel

2 to 3 Tbsp olive oil.

Blend together cilantro, garlic, cheese, nuts and lime peel until finely chopped. While blending, add 2 to 3 Tablespoons of olive oil until the consistency of a thick paste.

You can use immediately, chill up to 3 days, or freeze for later. Great as dip, on toast, and as part of salad dressing.

Makes about 2/3cup.

Sunset, July 1984

Amador Farmers Market.

Weekend Highlights from the Farmers’ Market

17th Annual Tomato Tasting Results, by Janice Johnson

The cold weather and a few sprinkles didn’t keep tomato lovers away from the Master Gardeners 17th annual tomato tasting on Saturday. There were 65 tomato entries, fewer than normal because most upcountry gardeners are just now getting ripe tomatoes. Steve Muni and George Erdosh judged the tomatoes based only on flavor. We had three separate categories by size and color of the fruit: Red and pink full size , non-red full size, and cherry tomatoes. Plus we gave a special award for the biggest tomato.

Heirloom varieties dominated the winner’s circle, besting all others in the full size red and non-red categories. Although heirlooms tend to win in the full size categories, the hybrid Sun Gold usually wins the cherry tomato category.

Here are this year’s winners:

In the red and pink full size category, Deb Lyons won with the heirloom Early Wonder, second place went to Dave Taylor with the hybrid Big Beef, and Greg Motch’s heirloom Italian Sweet took third. Dave Taylor also took the prize for the biggest, a two pound Beef Master!

In the non-red category, Deb Lyons won with the heirloom Big Rainbow, Glen Johnson’s Golden Girl hybrid was second, and third went to Hill Top Garden’s heirloom Nebraska Wedding.

As usual, Sun Gold won the cherry tomato category. The Sun Gold from Glen Johnson’s garden got first and Dave Brubaker got second with his Sun Gold. Deb Lyons got third with Green Grape.

The scores of all 65 entries are available at the MG office.

Jackson’s Sunday Events, by Diane Kriletich

On Sunday August 29, Jackson Farmers’ Market Creative Chef Sean Kriletich along with assistant Laurel Lickteig, Sean’s partner and local grower, demonstrated how to prepare grilled and stuffed peppers. Sean put on an excellent performance gathering peppers and other produce from local venders and explaining a simple way to grill and stuff them. The market goers thoroughly enjoyed the delicious peppers. It turned into a light lunch.

Following the tasting of peppers was The Scrumptious Scone Contest; 11 entries total. And they were all scrumptious. In the “Made with Fresh or Dried Fruit” category; 1st place went to Bob Hartman (Pine Grove) with an orange-cranberry scone, 2nd place to Linda Woods (Plymouth) with a cranberry walnut lemon scone, and 3rd place to Linda Velasquez (Paloma) with a cherry scone. The other category was “Made Without Fruit.” Anne Heissenbuttel (Pine Grove) received a 1st with her Tea Scone and Laurel Lickteig (Jackson) received 2nd with a breakfast scone. Luckily the contestants brought a lot of scones because market goers devoured them all after the judging.

This contest wouldn’t have been possible without our judges: Mel Welsh (Pine Grove), Wendy Harrington (Jackson), David Eck (Philadelphia). Thanks judges for your support in this contest.

Labor Day Weekend Events

Saturday at the Sutter Creek market, chef Steve Muni, of Hometown Kitchen on Hometown Radio, will demonstrate how to make panzanella, a wonderful Italian bread salad, using ingredients from the market. The timing couldn’t be better, with the expected warm weather this weekend! Be sure to come by at 9:00 am to learn how to make this delicious, rustic dish, made with summer’s best produce.

On Sunday in Jackson, there will be another cooking demonstration, with Creative Chef Gayla Roberts demonstrating both grilled goat and a chard vegetable dish at 10:45 am. Goat is a heart-healthy, lean, and delicious alternative to other meats, and is versatile, too. Come get some ideas on how to best prepare it, along with that summer and winter staple, chard!

Also on Sunday, due to popular demand, is the return of ice cream sundaes to the Jackson market. These special sundaes are made with almost entirely local ingredients, so don’t miss out!

Upcoming Events

In Jackson:

September 12, 10:45 Creative Chef Laurel Lickteig

And also on September 12, The Delectable Pie Contest—register entry by 11 a.m.

Two Categories: (1) Sweet and (2) Savory

Rules: —- majority of the filling must be made with local products —made with either fruit and/or vegetables —from scratch, no mixes, no store bought crust .

For more information, call Sean at 402-7801.

September 19, 10:45 Creative Chef Marta Johnson

In Sutter Creek:

September 18, 9:00 am – Apple Bakeoff

In Pine Grove:

September 22, 4:00 pm – Apple Bakeoff


Saturday, September 4 in Sutter Creek: James May

Sunday, September 5 in Jackson: Pat Keene

Wednesday, September 8 in Pine Grove: Ben Henry

Thursday, September 9 in Plymouth: Jack Magee

Sean and Laurel roasting peppers. Mmm. Scumptious Scones.

Scone Contest Judges. Cherry Winner Glen Johnson Big Tomato. WOW.

Amador Farmers Market

Good for one dollar off purchase at the Amador Farmers Market on Saturday Sept 2 thru Sept 7, 2010 at Pine Grove, Sutter Creek and Jackson only.

$1.00 off

Bring this coupon to the Amador Farmers Market


Ongoing Classes at MHC


  • 4:30 Yoga
  • 5:30 Tai chi


  • 4pm Tarot Workshop
  • 5:30 Yoga
  • 7pm Course of Miracles


  • 5:30 Yoga


  • Sophias Well of Wisdom Group Spiritual Practice  9:30amThe purpose of the Thursday morning gathering is to engage spiritual practices that address body, heart, mind, and soul in a supportive group setting. Sponsored by Sophia’s Well of Wisdom. Contact Rev. Patsy at 418-9003 for more information. No fee… donations gladly accepted.THURSDAYFirst:  Soul-based Practice focused on self, others, worldSecond:    Body-based PracticeThird:   Heart-based Practice: Sophia’s Circle (Compassionate Speaking and Listening)Fourth:  Mind-based PracticeOn Months with Fifth Thursday: Spiritual Assessment Practices


  • 1st Friday of each month WOVEN: Women of Vision Empowerment Network. A gatheirng of women entrepreneurs who support one another in experiencing a life of abundance and achieving business success while living from the heart 1-3pm
  • 3rd Friday Vision Board Workshop 7pm


  • 8:30 am Yoga Basics
  • 1st Saturday Informed Mama Birth Circle
  • 3rd Saturday Intergenerational PlayShop


  • Wisdom Circle and Service with Rev Pasty Walker Fine. Music, Inspirational Talk, Wisdom Circle (shared dialogue), Meditation, Intercession.

SWOW September Calendar

Attached is September Calendar. If you can’t download, pick up one at SWOW office. Newsletter to follow soon. – Patsy

An Interfaith Spiritual Center for Wellness for Body and Soul
# 8 Court Street, Jackson
Rev. Patsy Walker Fine


Hoopdancing Workshop

Hello Hoopers and soon to be Hoopers! It’s time for another Cozmic Cafe Hoopdancing Workshop!

September 26th Sunday



The Cozmic Cafe and Pub

594 Main Street

Placerville, Ca

Adult size hula hoops will be provided. Wear comfortable clothing and bring water.

Space is limited. Call or email to get your spot.

Contact Sonya at 209-223-1356 or sonya

WOVEN Gathering

Hello my beuatiful WOVEN sisters!

Our next gathering is Friday Sept 3rd at Motherlode Holistic Connection. Doors open at noon for connection. Meeting begins at 1 pm

Please bring your current marketing materials, ideas, challenges and success.

I’m in the process of growing the MHC liabrary so if you have books looking for a new home I am happy to welcome them!

As always house plants infused with your energy are welcomed!

Please feel free to invite other women to our gathering.


Sent by Brandy Astwood