Self Care Retreat aka Mom-cation

Ready for a mom-cation, a time out, a retreat to restore Mind, Body and Spirit ?

Finding the time to run off for a week long spa vacation to recharge is near impossible to arrange as a busy mama, juggling childcare, time off from work and the family budget.

But, what about a night?

One night to relax and unwind.

To catch your breath.

To receive some of the nurturing and care you give, day in and day out as a Mom?

Reserve Amador Wellness Cottage overnight for an affordable Self-Care Retreat and savor the time to rest and relax, pampered with a 90 minute massage with organic body oils and doterra therapeutic grade essential oils, mineral rich salt scrub , infrared sauna with aromatherapy detox foot soak session, before retiring to the comfortable king bed, just steps away to peacefully sleep the night away.

Plus, delicious local wine & cheese tray to nibble on with no house keeping duties.

In the morning, awake to enjoy a cup of organic coffee on the patio before returning, refreshed to your normal busy life as a mother.

Add an optional Good Morning Massage to start your day with energetic session that will have you floating through your day.


Gather three of your favorite people and plan for a fun slumber party with 60 min massage for each person, DIY facial bar , along with local wine and cheese board.

Aromatherapy Meditation Book Release

Essential Elevations Emotional Aromatherapy Script book is now available by preorder.

Aromatherapy Guided Meditation is a technique that organically grew out of my professional work with hypnotherapy, intuitive bodywork and essential oils.

After several requests by fellow doTerra Wellness Advocates and Massage therapists, I took time this long cold winter to write down a few of the guided meditations I utilize in my private hypnotherapy and massage practice .

Now you can add an Essential Elevations Experience to your class, workshop, team meeting or individual session to create powerful healing opportunities, while educating on the emotional and spiritual gifts of essential oils.

Vol. 1 focuses on the 6 essential oil blends in the doterra Emotional Aromatherapy line to elevate emotional wellbeing.

Early History of Cottage Property

From Ledger Dispatch

The Central Hotel was first established in the early 1850s where today’s Highways 16 and 49 intersect. (Now the location of Amador Wellness Cottage )

A portion of the materials used in the building were brought round the horn and its 24-light, 2-sash windows were once part of a Massachusetts public house.

It was part of the larger holdings of the Central House Ranch, most of which lies north of Highway 16.

These holdings were first taken up by Sanford P. Brown and Charles D. Smith.

The Hotel, a main stop on the stage road out of Sacramento, offered lodging, a restaurant, and a saloon.

In 1863 the ranch and hotel were sold to John H. Grambart and his father-in-law, Matthew Hedges Wells.

On the ranch, the men grew hay and were among the earliest to grow wine grapes in Amador.

By 1874, they were producing 10 tons of grapes from 5,000 vines, and were noted for their “good quality” of wines.

They also raised peaches and plums on the ranch which became known as one of the finest in the county.

Well’s heirs ran the ranch until it was sold to Elmer Rupley who operated it for a number of years.

In 1935 it was torn down when the highway was realigned.

The site of the hotel sits beneath where the two roads cross.

Link to full article

Caregivers Respite

An overnight stay with a massage upgrade is the perfect time out for stressed out, tired caregivers to reset and reenergize mind and body.

If you are a professional nurse/ CNA , caring for an elderly relative or navigating the challenges of special needs parenting , caregiving stresses the nervous system , increases stress and can leave one feeling worn out , physically and mentally uncomfortable.

Arranging for someone to take your place for a few days may seem impossible with everything that needs to be taken care of .

However creating a game plan for one night is manageable, right?

Tag team with a spouse or friend. Arrange overnight care for your loved one. Talk to your social worker for respite services if you are a foster or adoptive parent .

You need and deserve one night to escape.

One night to rest and receive some of the care and nurturing you pour out each and every day to those around you.

To arrange your Caregivers Respite Retreat, please click overnight retreats.

Emotional Aromatherapy: Forgive

Today at the Cottage, Im diffusing doTerras FORGIVE blend.

Forgive was my least favorite oil blend in the doTerra Emotional Aromatherapy Kit.

Several times I used Forgive with clients.

Each time and every time I had a  huge , hell no, YUCK response.

I looked at the ingredients and I assumed that I must not like the Nookta tree , since I have not worked with that particular essential oil before.

Time passed and I was successful with avoiding the awful blend.

Then a client asked me to use Forgive in her Essential Elevations massage session to process and clear a personal situation .

My first thought was “Ugh, what can I use to interrupt THAT smell?”

Deep breath, proceed with prepping for session.

When I added Forgive to the diffuser and the smell first hit me, I was sure I must have grabbed the wrong bottle.

It smelled so lovely!

Doubled checked, right bottle.


After my last session of the day, I carved out time before heading  to grab the bottle of Forgive, my journal and climbed in the infrared sauna to get to know this blend on a deeper level.

As soon as I was centered, I was filled with the knowledge of why this blend was so repugnant to me before and why it now called to me,  drew me in and so eagerly welcomed me.

There was a situation I was really stuck on and it was draining me.

Taking it so damn personally.

Not aware I needed to forgive myself.

Sorry, good juicy details are reserved for my soul sisters. Hope ya understand.

Anyways, a  few days before, a friend said 6 lil words that were like a magical spell or a curse was broken in regards to the situation.

I felt a huge shift in perspective and emotional release.


Until that shift, I wasn’t ready to see my part so I could truly forgive or let go.

I needed to be in the darkness a lil longer to complete the cycle, to learn.

There was no rushing, I was in resistance of anything that would accelerate the process, yet pissed that I was stuck for so long.

I had some forgiving to do, yet I was not ready to see the big picture, to integrate the wisdom gained.

Now I was.

How about you?

Is there someone you’re ready to forgive?

A burden to release ?

Anger to transform?

Forgive is a marvelous support tool as you navigate the tricky path of forgiveness.

Like a walk in the woods, Spruce invites you to settle into peace and quiet, to pause and breath in,collecting your scattered energy and connect with the earth beneath and the sky above. 

Bergamont’s  bright citrus aroma dispels dark feelings of despair , shame and low self worth, cheerfully instilling optimistic hope and acceptance of self to expand personal power and joy. 

Juniper Berry , calls forth doubt, anger and  fear to be diminished in the light of peaceful awareness.Creating a compassionate integration of soul lessons. 

Myrrh, rekindles trust  to relax into the flow of life, safe and secure, nurtured and connected to Mother Earth and the Divine. 

Arborvitae, warm, spicy, woodsy scent imparts a steady, graceful strength to navigate the journey of forgiveness with a secure sense that all will be well. 

Nootka Tree, with its sharp cypress aroma clears away negativity within and around you. Reveling new beginnings and heart centered solutions. 

Thyme, powerfully, insistently cleanses old stagnant energy and forgotten, buried emotions of rage, resentment, bitterness and intolerance, creating space for open hearted patience, compassionate understanding and soul centered forgiveness. 

Citronella,  encourages full deep breaths to navigate and process difficult  emotions as they come up, giving you the space to step out of reaction and into reverent reflection and response.

Breath it all in, trusting the process to instinctively and intuitively release what no longer serves you.

Emotional Aromatherapy:Console

Slow down and gift yourself the time to process and integrate your emotions of grief and heartbreak by working with Console’s soothing blend.

Savor and explore the complex aroma with slow deep, intention breaths, inviting the comforting vibration of each individual oil to move through you, supporting the release and integration of heavy emotions.

  • Warm, deep Frankincense, embodies the strength , understanding and protection of a loving father, a safe harbor to rest in. Especially helpful if you lacked loving paternal attachments.
  • Intense Patchouli, creates a firm foundation of self trust, restoring  balance and harmony to confidently  and comfortably reconnect with your physical body without shame or judgment , releasing hidden tension and stress to bring a new ease of movement and physical expression. 
  • The soft, floral, feminine energy of YLANG-YLANG  gently infuses nurturing comfort and the space to reclaim your childlike trust and wonder, soothing the inner child within of past rejections, judgments and traumas, creating new, loving connections to safely explore the world around you and the vast Universe within with open hearted curiosity 
  • The dry amber base note of  Labdanum, calms and soothes anxiety , quiets overthinking, inviting a new sense of tranquility and calm to embrace compassionate detachment and discernment.  
  • Sweet woody aroma of Amyris, gently calms overwhelm, releasing muscle tension and encouraging deep relaxation and peaceful, restful sleep that brings healing dreams to integrate your experiences. 
  • Deep, earthy Sandalwood, instills a sense of reverence and respect for the Divine in all its many forms , inviting spiritual clarity and higher consciousness to bring the fullness of soul purpose and alignment to you awareness. 
  • Gentle , fragrant Rose imparts a healing vibration to soothe a broken, cynical heart, releasing constricted , wounded emotions and memories,  restricting the flow of abundant love to and from you, opening a floodgate of healing compassion and acceptance, for yourself and others.

March Essential Oil Focus

We all experienced the need to be consoled , comforted , to be held and hear the words “Everything will be ok, breath, my love” 

This lovely blends brings warm nurturing comfort to the mind and spirit to navigate and clear grief, sadness, fear, distrust and fear.

Gift yourself the time to process and integrate your emotions by working with Console’s soothing blend of Frankincense Resin, Patchouli Leaf, Ylang Ylang Flower, Labdanum Stem/Twig, Amyris Bark, Sandalwood Wood, Rose Flower, Osmanthus Flower. 

If you have been facing difficult life transitions and feel the need for comfort, this is the ideal time to take a time out and give yourself the opportunity to process with intention and support.

To work with Console , connect with a friend who is a doTerra Wellness Advocate / essential oil geek for a sample or schedule an Essential Elevations Massage offered here at Amador Wellness Cottage. and experience Emotional Aromatherapy, Intuitive Bodywork and Guided Meditation merging together to create a unique personal healing experience, clearing stagnant emotions and physical discomfort draining your vitality and clouding your mind.

In a later blog post, I will be breaking down the emotional gifts of each individual oil in the Console blend to assist you in creating a ritual of self care, even if you don’t have the opportunity to work directly with me.


Brandy LaRae
Head Goddess at Amador Wellness Cottage

You Need a Momcation if

Motherhood is a full-time , always on duty gig, so easy to lose our spark in the midst of the stress, mess and chaos.

Us mamas, need and deserve time alone or with our fellow mamas to be ourselves , separate from the demands of motherhood for good mental health and emotional regulation.

Personally, I think Moms need and deserve a full 24 hours each month to check out and go off duty completely , however thats a different blog post.

You already know you need a break, you can feel in you weary body , anxious mind and dissatisfied soul, however if you need a lil convincing, here are 10 signs its time to schedule a Self Care Retreat, a personal time out to rest, regroup and reset.

  1. You daydream about escaping to a uninhabited island or isolated Cabot for peace and quiet.
  2. You’re tired, so damn tired and feel the need for a 10 hour nap.
  3. You’re irritated and yelling at your kids too often.
  4. Currently or recently navigating a stressful life transition, such as divorce, death, betrayal, teenagers.
  5. Feeling lonely and disconnected.
  6. Struggling with anxiety and depression.
  7. Chronic Pain and health issues draining your energy.
  8. Feeling touched out by all the TLC you give all day.
  9. Feel bored and burnt out in your current life situation.
  10. Parenting a special needs child.
  11. Caregiving for elderly family members.
  12. Dealing with a loved ones mental illness
  13. plus a million other reasons

Ok, so you know you need a break, but how to accomplish that ?

Kick kids and partner out of the house for a day or two

Issue, you will feel the need to clean up so you can relax.

Totally defeating the purpose of being off duty. Unless you can can hire a housekeeper to come in first. Even then, being at home I bet you would feel will sense of duty to get things done.

Book a week long, all inclusive retreat in some tropic local. If you do have the time and $ for that , can I come along ? You can pretend you are rich and famous with your own personal massage therapist in tow.

Reserve a room at a fancy hotel with spa services. I’ve done this a few times and there are some fun ways to do it on a budget.

Hop on Airbnb / VBRO and find a cool location and plan a a fun trip with your bff.

Come stay with me and relax in my adorable Northern California wine country cottage, as I pamper and nurture you with soothing massage, therapeutic grade essential oils, organic body oils and powerful guided meditation to destress and rediscover YOU.