Notes on Reopening

Your care is my highest priority.

Social distancing is impossible during a massage, however I’ve implemented a variety of precautions, beyond the industry standards of sanitation and now wearing a mask to help protect each other to reduce the transmission of CV-19 in our community.

Relax with confidence.
  • While weather permits, sessions will be held outdoors in a private, shaded session area with easy access to the bathroom.
  • For indoor sessions, I’ve invested in a high quality air purifier, to run during and between sessions, plus the Cottage session room is a large, well ventilated space with two windows.
  • Supine work (face-up) to focus on neck and shoulders is limited to 15 minutes per session.
  • Masks and/or face shields (provided, if needed) will be worn during supine position, removed for prone (face down). N95 masks worn by therapist.
  • All surfaces cleaned and disinfected with EPA approved nontoxic cleaners between sessions.
  • Massage add ons for out of town airbnb guests is suspended for now to limit contact with people coming from possible high infection zones.
  • If you feel ill, experiencing even mild symptoms of a cold, flu or CV-19, please contact me ASAP to reschedule. Cancelation fee will be waived and paid session fee will be applied to your next session or refunded. No call, no show, no refund.

As an added layer of precaution, my work schedule will be limited to 5 days of individual bodywork sessions with local clientele, followed by 10 days of self isolation cycle. Current research suggests symptoms appear on average 5-6 days after initial infection. This schedule allows time to be tested before working another round in close contact with clients. As more information becomes available, guidelines may be added or changed to insure a comprehensive health and safety plan for clients and myself.

With so much focus on slowing the spread of CV-19 through hand washing, physical distancing and masking, I would like to take a moment to actively encourage you to focus on building up your immune system as your first defense.

  • Enjoy clean, whole foods as much as possible, easy to do with the Amador County Farmers Market reopen!
  • Incorporate high quality supplements into your daily routine. I’m happy to make recommendations to professionals who can guide you in making an informed choices.
  • Reduce sugar and unhealthy fats.
  • Seek out effective, nontoxic cleaners and disinfectants for your home and office.
  • Get outside and soak up the sun in a safe and sensible manner.
  • Move your body and raise your heart rate everyday with a walk, run or workout.
  • Give your self the gift of intentional relaxation with meditation, yoga, laying out in a hammock, floating in a river, whatever calms and centers you.
  • Get a massage.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Connect with loved ones.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how I can make you feel more secure during your time at Amador Wellness Cottage, please feel free to contact me.

Self Care Retreat aka Mom-cation

Ready for a mom-cation, a time out, a retreat to restore Mind, Body and Spirit ?

Finding the time to run off for a week long spa vacation to recharge is near impossible to arrange as a busy mama, juggling childcare, time off from work and the family budget.

But, what about a night?

One night to relax and unwind.

To catch your breath.

To receive some of the nurturing and care you give, day in and day out as a Mom?

Reserve Amador Wellness Cottage overnight for an affordable Self-Care Retreat and savor the time to rest and relax, pampered with a 90 minute massage with organic body oils and doterra therapeutic grade essential oils, mineral rich salt scrub , infrared sauna with aromatherapy detox foot soak session, before retiring to the comfortable king bed, just steps away to peacefully sleep the night away.

Plus, delicious local wine & cheese tray to nibble on with no house keeping duties.

In the morning, awake to enjoy a cup of organic coffee on the patio before returning, refreshed to your normal busy life as a mother.

Add an optional Good Morning Massage to start your day with energetic session that will have you floating through your day.


Gather three of your favorite people and plan for a fun slumber party with 60 min massage for each person, DIY facial bar , along with local wine and cheese board.