Early History of Cottage Property

From Ledger Dispatch

The Central Hotel was first established in the early 1850s where today’s Highways 16 and 49 intersect. (Now the location of Amador Wellness Cottage )

A portion of the materials used in the building were brought round the horn and its 24-light, 2-sash windows were once part of a Massachusetts public house.

It was part of the larger holdings of the Central House Ranch, most of which lies north of Highway 16.

These holdings were first taken up by Sanford P. Brown and Charles D. Smith.

The Hotel, a main stop on the stage road out of Sacramento, offered lodging, a restaurant, and a saloon.

In 1863 the ranch and hotel were sold to John H. Grambart and his father-in-law, Matthew Hedges Wells.

On the ranch, the men grew hay and were among the earliest to grow wine grapes in Amador.

By 1874, they were producing 10 tons of grapes from 5,000 vines, and were noted for their “good quality” of wines.

They also raised peaches and plums on the ranch which became known as one of the finest in the county.

Well’s heirs ran the ranch until it was sold to Elmer Rupley who operated it for a number of years.

In 1935 it was torn down when the highway was realigned.

The site of the hotel sits beneath where the two roads cross.

Link to full article http://www.ledger.news/roots/vestiges-of-amador-an-journey-through-amador-county-part-iii/article_21a5680c-5a03-11e8-a3cb-6baa4f2bc59c.html

One response to “Early History of Cottage Property”

  1. When it was actually the boarding house, my Uncle Bill Rodriguez ran it and had his niece Alice Rodriguez come work for him in the summer and that is when she met my father Ernest Lester Harmon. I believe that was in the 30’s. They eventually married and lived
    on Ridge Road all of their lives.

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