Emotional Aromatherapy: Forgive

Today at the Cottage, Im diffusing doTerras FORGIVE blend.

Forgive was my least favorite oil blend in the doTerra Emotional Aromatherapy Kit.

Several times I used Forgive with clients.

Each time and every time I had a  huge , hell no, YUCK response.

I looked at the ingredients and I assumed that I must not like the Nookta tree , since I have not worked with that particular essential oil before.

Time passed and I was successful with avoiding the awful blend.

Then a client asked me to use Forgive in her Essential Elevations massage session to process and clear a personal situation .

My first thought was “Ugh, what can I use to interrupt THAT smell?”

Deep breath, proceed with prepping for session.

When I added Forgive to the diffuser and the smell first hit me, I was sure I must have grabbed the wrong bottle.

It smelled so lovely!

Doubled checked, right bottle.


After my last session of the day, I carved out time before heading  to grab the bottle of Forgive, my journal and climbed in the infrared sauna to get to know this blend on a deeper level.

As soon as I was centered, I was filled with the knowledge of why this blend was so repugnant to me before and why it now called to me,  drew me in and so eagerly welcomed me.

There was a situation I was really stuck on and it was draining me.

Taking it so damn personally.

Not aware I needed to forgive myself.

Sorry, good juicy details are reserved for my soul sisters. Hope ya understand.

Anyways, a  few days before, a friend said 6 lil words that were like a magical spell or a curse was broken in regards to the situation.

I felt a huge shift in perspective and emotional release.


Until that shift, I wasn’t ready to see my part so I could truly forgive or let go.

I needed to be in the darkness a lil longer to complete the cycle, to learn.

There was no rushing, I was in resistance of anything that would accelerate the process, yet pissed that I was stuck for so long.

I had some forgiving to do, yet I was not ready to see the big picture, to integrate the wisdom gained.

Now I was.

How about you?

Is there someone you’re ready to forgive?

A burden to release ?

Anger to transform?

Forgive is a marvelous support tool as you navigate the tricky path of forgiveness.

Like a walk in the woods, Spruce invites you to settle into peace and quiet, to pause and breath in,collecting your scattered energy and connect with the earth beneath and the sky above. 

Bergamont’s  bright citrus aroma dispels dark feelings of despair , shame and low self worth, cheerfully instilling optimistic hope and acceptance of self to expand personal power and joy. 

Juniper Berry , calls forth doubt, anger and  fear to be diminished in the light of peaceful awareness.Creating a compassionate integration of soul lessons. 

Myrrh, rekindles trust  to relax into the flow of life, safe and secure, nurtured and connected to Mother Earth and the Divine. 

Arborvitae, warm, spicy, woodsy scent imparts a steady, graceful strength to navigate the journey of forgiveness with a secure sense that all will be well. 

Nootka Tree, with its sharp cypress aroma clears away negativity within and around you. Reveling new beginnings and heart centered solutions. 

Thyme, powerfully, insistently cleanses old stagnant energy and forgotten, buried emotions of rage, resentment, bitterness and intolerance, creating space for open hearted patience, compassionate understanding and soul centered forgiveness. 

Citronella,  encourages full deep breaths to navigate and process difficult  emotions as they come up, giving you the space to step out of reaction and into reverent reflection and response.

Breath it all in, trusting the process to instinctively and intuitively release what no longer serves you.

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