Emotional Aromatherapy:Console

Slow down and gift yourself the time to process and integrate your emotions of grief and heartbreak by working with Console’s soothing blend.

Savor and explore the complex aroma with slow deep, intention breaths, inviting the comforting vibration of each individual oil to move through you, supporting the release and integration of heavy emotions.

  • Warm, deep Frankincense, embodies the strength , understanding and protection of a loving father, a safe harbor to rest in. Especially helpful if you lacked loving paternal attachments.
  • Intense Patchouli, creates a firm foundation of self trust, restoring  balance and harmony to confidently  and comfortably reconnect with your physical body without shame or judgment , releasing hidden tension and stress to bring a new ease of movement and physical expression. 
  • The soft, floral, feminine energy of YLANG-YLANG  gently infuses nurturing comfort and the space to reclaim your childlike trust and wonder, soothing the inner child within of past rejections, judgments and traumas, creating new, loving connections to safely explore the world around you and the vast Universe within with open hearted curiosity 
  • The dry amber base note of  Labdanum, calms and soothes anxiety , quiets overthinking, inviting a new sense of tranquility and calm to embrace compassionate detachment and discernment.  
  • Sweet woody aroma of Amyris, gently calms overwhelm, releasing muscle tension and encouraging deep relaxation and peaceful, restful sleep that brings healing dreams to integrate your experiences. 
  • Deep, earthy Sandalwood, instills a sense of reverence and respect for the Divine in all its many forms , inviting spiritual clarity and higher consciousness to bring the fullness of soul purpose and alignment to you awareness. 
  • Gentle , fragrant Rose imparts a healing vibration to soothe a broken, cynical heart, releasing constricted , wounded emotions and memories,  restricting the flow of abundant love to and from you, opening a floodgate of healing compassion and acceptance, for yourself and others.

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