PMS Escape for Overwhelmed Mamas

Does THAT time of the month derail you emotionally and physically?

Low energy? Pain? Bad Mood? Overly emotional?

Wish you could just hide away until you felt “normal” again?

It’s time to honor the need for downtime, to the return of the ritual of the Red Tent and Moon Lodge.

Enjoy a nice, clean, orderly cottage, filled with good reading material,  hot tea, and yummy snacks to support your body in a positive,  healthy way during your period.

Ease the aches and pains with a 2-hour massage with my custom cannabis massage oil with therapeutic grade essential oils known for easing PMS symptoms.
Massage includes Hot Stones and Salt Scrub.

To schedule your time to be nurtured and cared for, reserve the Cottage on AIRBNB and let me know you would like to upgrade to the PMS Escape Retreat.
$150 per woman, plus overnight accommodations.