New Location and New Name

The Universe is a funny thing.

I was all ready to reopen my practice in Ione, back in my original location 15 years ago. The location was affordable, near my children’s school and the landlords are awesome. The plan was to revive Motherlode Holistic on a smaller scale.

I felt ok with it.

However I did not feel excited,.

.Yet, it  made sense.

It was a logical move.

I could afford it on my own.

A stepping stone to my vision.

A low key way back into practice after my year long sabbatical.

I was satisfied with the choice and was ready to get back into business.

Over and done.

But wait…..the universe once again had a better plan.

The Park at Hanford Courte
The Park at Hanford Courte

For months I drove by 140 Hanford and saw the for rent sign, however due to the Sutter Creek location, I dismissed it as being out of my price range.

Then one day last month (and the day before I was to sign my lease on the Ione location), I was driving by after dropping my 17 year old off and without any thought I pulled in and called. The landlord answered and I discovered the rent was within my price range if I had an officemate.

Whoa, baby!

Later that day I met with the manager and I was hit with a bolt of excitement.

It just felt right!

So I said yes.

Andrea Newman, who I had spoken with in the past about sharing space, quickly jumped on board.

140 Hanford St. Sutter Creek, Ca 95685
140 Hanford St.
Sutter Creek, Ca

Things just flowed from one point to the next and now The Wellness Cottage is now open.

Working in partnership with Andrea is a true blessing. We both bring many gifts to the partnership, that is sure to ensure success and growth.

There is still work to be done, however we open and seeing clients.

We have a fabulous membership program in place and Online scheduling for you convenience.

Our second session room will soon be open and our services will expand from therapeutic massage and clinical hypnosis to include a variety of spa services such as body wraps and salt scrubs.

During fair weather we will be offering outdoor massage by the waterfall, Massage and Picnic packages for lovers and best friends, as well as workshop and classes in the garden.

We will continue to share community news and holistic events .along with our special offers and Cottage news here on the blog and facebook page.

Your feedback is always welcomed. Suggestions on the services and programs you would like us to offer are encouraged.



~Brandy LaRae

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