Valentine’s Day Special & New Product Line!


Soaking Away the Stress, Aches & Pains ~
65.jpg Announcing Refresh Day Spa’s New Line of Therapeutic Bath Salts ~

Just in Time For Valentine’s Day!

Did you know that soaking in mineral-rich sea salt can soothe the skin, calm the nerves, promote healing, detoxify, and help relieve back, joint and muscle pain? Well it’s true!
~ ~ ~

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea ~

If you purchase a

Gift Certificate for
a Massage or Spa Service

and a

Bottle of Bath Salts

for your Sweetheart,

we will Gift Wrap

the two together

in a Pretty

little Package!!
Don’t Miss Our Coupon Below for Your Special Discount on Bath Salts!


68.jpgWe are so excited to announce our new line of all-natural bath salts.
We have three unique blends ~
Each with a specific therapeutic quality,
and all made from pure sea salt.
59.jpgImmune Boost
A rejuvenating and therapeutic bath salt with vitamin C and packed with antioxidants – Great for when you’re under the weather or need a quick immune boost
With kelp and green tea powder – this is an excellent salt to remove impurities, soothe muscle aches and pains, detoxify the skin, and improve natural balance.
An ideal salt for a calming evening bath soak. The soft aroma of lavender will immerse you into a deep state of tranquility. Contains a unique variety of minerals that help to detox, cleanse, and soften the skin.
Save 25% Valentine’s Day Special!
Present this Coupon to Receive
25% Off Refresh Bath Salts!
Offer Expires: February 14, 2014
Refresh 53.jpg
at Sutter Creek

A Boutique Day Spa Focused on Health & Wellness

Entrance to Refresh

(209) 267-0887
81 B Hanford Street (Old Hwy 49), Sutter Creek, CA

Helping our Community Feel It’s Best Since 2005!

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Refresh at Sutter Creek | 81 B Hanford Street (Old Hwy 49) | P.O. Box 1842 | Sutter Creek | CA | 95685

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