Exciting Jackson Walk News!

Beth, while not an official MHC team member is a valuable community member and teacher…check out her classes!!

We’re Kickin’ things up at

Fitness Made Fun!

Our Power Walk Classes are Steppin’ and Kickin’ it up a notch!

Our Walk Live Classes will now offer a Fast, Fun and Strong
3.5 Mile Total Body Workout

New Distance
New Music
New Walkers

Come on by and check it out for yourself –
Your First Class is always FREE!

Never a sign up fee, registration fee or any


Sign up for the session (4 weeks @ 8 Classes for $40.00)

Come as a “walk-in” and pay the per class fee ($7.00 per class)

We’d love to Walk with YOU!

Power Walk Calendar
For Fitness Made Fun

Margaret Dalton Children’s Center (Amador First 5)
975 Broadway, Jackson

Upcoming 4 Week Session:
Tuesdays Thursdays
Mon., April 8 April 11
Apr. 16 Apr. 18
Apr. 23 Apr. 25
Apr. 30 May 2

It’s always a great day to WALK!

Beth Sands,
Certified Walk Leader
Phone or Text: (209) 471-8792

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Walk Live With Fitness Made Fun

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