Thank You

What an amazing day for 9th annual Amador Holistic Health Fair!!

I was worried that such a late start on promotion was going to really impact us. (moving and the flu totally took its toll  on my efforts!) but thanks to the hard work of Michelle Grondin (massage therapist extraordinaire at Davinas Healng Hands)   and our vendors to get the word out we enjoyed good steady flow of people all day all around amazing event.

It was amazing to see so many people seeking information and resources for a holistic life.

The Food provided from Kneeding Dough in Volcano was yummy (they have lots of gluten free stuff!!

Thank you to all our amazing vendors.

  • Beth Platz of At Home Care
  • Sonya Castoe, Bellydance Classes and Performance,Hoopdance Classes and Performance,Henna, Fire Performance, Custom made hoops and Costumes
  • Dr. Christina West,DC, QME,BFA/ Alyisha Drake, Personal Trainer
  • Brenda Brennan , Belisama Fire, Handmade and pewter jewelry, Ritual tools, fantasy clothing, and healing items.
  • Moon N Stars Tarot – Dana Fink, Jackson Main Street
  • Rev. Patsy Walker Fine – Sophias Well of Wisdom, Sutter Creek
  • Suz’s Sweet Scrubs—Bath salts and shower scrubs
  • Sierra Amador Holistic: A collaboration of Holistic Practitioners in the beautiful Sierra Foothills.
  • Candace Sullivan/Moutain Yoga, Plymouth
  • Motherlode Harvest
  • Refresh at Sutter Creek
  • Amador Chiropractic
  • Motherlode Holistic Wellness Center, Jackson
  • Davinas Healing Hands, Part of Motherlode Holistic Wellness Center. Offering Massage, Bodywork and Accupressure.
  • Jenny Upchurch and Shannon Gibson- DoTerra Aromatherapy
  • Jon Wiebold- Hypnotist
  • Tonya Williams – California Gambling Addiction
  • Robin Blood- Kinky Witch Soap, Handmade soaps, lip balm, body butters, aroma sprays and sometimes more.
  • Donna Kelley–Concepts of Optimal Nutrition, LLC, Holistic Nutrition Consultant
  • Gloria St John – Gold Hills Homeopathy

Next year will be our 10th year and we look forward to another great event.


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