New Summer Classes Aim to Improve Health and Fitness in Amador County

Hello All,
Below is a press release from Ancient Wisdom for The New You about new fitness classes that are being made available in Amador County over the summer. Even though these classes are located in Amador County, Ancient Wisdom for The New You is interested in notifying people in other communities and counties that these classes are available so they too might come enjoy the health benefits of these programs.

Please direct any questions to Andrew Plitt at (209) 419-1677 or andrewplitt. Thank you.

New Summer Classes Aim to Improve Health and Fitness in Amador County:

Andrew Plitt, Owner and Operator of Ancient Wisdom for The New You, has added some new classes to his teaching schedule this summer that are meant to help his Amador County family reach new levels of fitness and well-being. Up until now only Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes have been made available by Ancient Wisdom for The New You, but for the months of June, July and August, 4 classes are being added to the schedule to make a more active lifestyle more easily accessible to everyone.

The first class we want to mention for this summer is a weight loss boot camp. Summer always makes people want to get in their bathing suits and head for the beach, lake or public pool, but often the waistlines we develop during the winter months make us think twice when we reach for our bathing suits. This boot camp program follows a highly nutritious diet based on ancient wisdom from the Mediterranean and offers aqua aerobic workout options to those who are opposed to the running, jumping and push-ups that go with the regular boot camp workouts.

The second two classes offered are Shaolin Kung Fu Classes for Adults and Children. Keeping close to the ancient wisdom theme, many of the exercises practiced in these classes were developed thousands of years ago to return strength and vigor to the monks of the Shaolin temple who had become weak through inactivity. These exercises slowly mixed with fighting styles that were brought to the temple by retiring military generals and eventually turned into one of the oldest martial art forms in China, Shaolin Kung Fu. These classes offer a great workout for the whole family and are a chance to learn self defense techniques that are centuries old.

Finally, the last class is for those who are simply stressed at work and need a break half way through the day to recharge. Lunchtime Qi Gong Classes use meditative breathing exercises developed in China centuries ago to help calm and revitalize your mind and body so you can make it through the second half of your work day.

At Ancient Wisdom for The New You our hope is to supply multiple avenues for leading a healthy, active lifestyle that it makes such a lifestyle easily accessible to everyone without conflicting with their personal interests or preferences. These summer classes are just some of the ways we are trying to achieve that goal. With these classes we hope to change as many lives in our community as possible by the end of August.

For any questions please contact Shifu Andrew Plitt at 209-753-7865 or andrewplitt. Or visit to see more information about each class.


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