Transforming Co-dependence Meditation Series

Motherlode Holistic Wellness Center
1001 Broadway, Jackson
(across from DMV & CHP)


Transforming Co-dependence Meditation Series

Deep breath in and exhale.

Weekly guided meditation class utilizing the teaching of Melody Beattie, to break free of

limiting, codependent behaviors.

Savor the time and space to fully relax and silence the mental chatter and connect with your inner wisdom and


Each 50 minute session begins with gentle, easy stretches to release body tension, journaling to explore thoughts

and concluding with a relaxing guided meditation to transform negative beliefs.

Starts Friday, February 17th


(Need an evening class? Call to be added to the waiting list)

Cost: $25 month or $10 per class


Call the main office of Motherlode Holistic Wellness Center at



Am I Codependent ?

Do you feel uncomfortable receiving help from other people? Is the role of helping others a much more natural role for you to play in your relationships?

Does it seem as if many of your friends have particularly chaotic lives, with one crisis after another?

Did you grow up in a family that had a lot of emotional chaos or addiction problems?

Are many of your friends addicts, or do they have serious emotional and social problems?

As you were growing up, did you think it was up to you to keep the family functioning?

As an adult, is it important for you to be thought of as the “dependable one”?

Brandy Astwood, CHT, HBCE, CD, CIMT

Clinical Hypnotherapist /Director of Motherlode Holistic Connection~ A Community Wellness Center

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