brief window to raise acupuncture’s status on the national level

I third this! And please email this link to 10 friends (family, non CM peeps) and ask that they send a letter and send the link to 10 of their friends. Only 500 people have sent letters as Thursday night. The letter written by AAAOM is below. Under #1, write your name and briefly describe why Acupuncture is an “essential health benefit” for you.


Send the letter to: EssentialHealthBenefits and CC: EHB (so AAAOM can keep track).

To Whom It May Concern:

In response to the Department of Health and Human Services 12/16/2011 Essential Health Benefits bulletin outlining proposed policies that will give states more flexibility to implement the Affordable Care Act, please accept my comments:

1. I am a patient of acupuncture and consider it an essential part of my health care.

2. Acupuncture should be included as an Essential Health Benefit by HHS under the Affordable Care Act.

3. States should be specifically directed by HHS to include acupuncture in their Essential Health Benefits Package.

Respectfully submitted,


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