Team Fitness Opening Up in Pine Grove!!

Hello All

I am excited to tell you about the reopening of Camp Shape Up as Team Fitness. Team Fitness offers personalized healthy weight-loss coaching and fitness programs with compassion and knowledge. It will still be in Pine Grove – now in a convenient spot next to the Post Office. Team Fitness strives to provide a safe and cozy space to help you reach your goals!

There are numerous personalized and group classes and programs – even a fitness class for you and your dog!! Visit our new website to learn more:

We will officially open January 4, 2012, though beginning Nov 7, we will be open certain hours in November and December, getting all ready for you. Please call first to check and then stop by for information and a tour and to say hello or call 296-BFit(2348) beginning Nov 7th with your questions. Email is good

I welcome your suggestions. I am also open to adding other programs, classes, hours and trainers once we get going. Please let me know of something you would to see offered, or if you have a program to offer.

Cherie Maitland
Team Fitness
Coaching & Activities for Healthy Weight-Loss
209-296-BFit (2348) Phone is Getting Hooked Up Nov 7

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