Occupy Amador County Again Friday Nov. 4th

Before or after the protest, maybe it might be nice to shop Sutter Creek, buy a gift certificate for a friend or enjoy a fine dining experience. Let’s show our friends, the local, small business owners, that we care about them. They too are part of the 99%. Let’s support our local businesses in ALL of Amador County. They are our friends and our neighbors. The greedy robber barons of Wall Street and corporate America need to pay their fair share. Join us on Friday for our fight for equality.
In Unity,
Steve Christensen

Date: Monday, October 31, 2011, 7:13 PM
Hello Occupiers of Amador,

This Friday, November 4th, will be the next Occupy protest in Sutter
Creek. Meet from 4-5 pm Minnie Provis park –(on Church Street behind the
large white building on Main Street which is the City Hall/Auditorium).
Then go over to hold signs and show our message to passers by from 5-6 pm
in front of the City Hall.

If you can make a sign that’d be great. Otherwise, we may have a couple
of extras. If you have any questions for this Friday feel free to contact
Mike at mikei89@hotmail.com. Unfortunately I will not be there this time
but hope to the following week with a report back from the Occupy Oakland

Take care, Solidarity and Happy Halloween!