Numerology Class

Know Thyself Through Numerology
Self-knowledge is essential for all spiritual students. Numerology, the science of vibration, is an aid in understanding one’s aptitudes and character tendencies in the rhythms and cycles of life. Students will be able to construct a basic numerological chart.

Course begins Saturday Sept. 17 from 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
and continues on Saturday Sept. 24 at the same time.
Additional class time will be held in October on a date to be determined.

Course Fee: $75

Pre-register for class by contacting the Sophia School of Wisdom Registrar, Lynnea Honn at 267-5687 or email:
(class must have a minimum of four students at time of first class to continue.)

“Spiritual Wellness for Body & Soul”
An InterSpiritual Center of the Light of Christ Community Church
Sophia School of Wisdom
An Extension Center of Sancta Sophia Seminary

Rev. Patsy Walker Fine
270 Hanford Street, Suite A
Sutter Creek, CA 95685

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