Bellydance Costume Making Class THIS SATURDAY

Hello everyone,

I have been asked several times over the last few months on how to make bellydance costumes in particular how to make belts. So I put together a class on how to do just that and more! The class will cover how to make basic pieces for beginning dancers or if you are looking for new ideas. We will have time to share ideas and learn from each other. Pass the info on to anyone you think would be interested. Please contact me if you are interested so I know how much materials to purchase. Email me or call me 223-1356 to confirm you spot.

September 10th 1-3pm Saturday
Motherlode Holistic Connection
1001 Broadway Street Jackson
Corner of Broadway and Clinton Rd across from CHP

We will learn how to make a basic base for a belt, a basic base for a coin bra, a basic over skirt, a flower head piece and how to make tassels. Simple patterns will be available for you to take home along with hand outs on all of things listed below.

Other things covered in the class will be:
~Where to find pieces to make your costumes.
~How to look at non- bellydance objects in a different way, so you can use them in costuming.
~Examples of what to look for
~How to put together a costume based on the event/ or place you are dancing at.
~Different ways to wear a coin scarf
~Different ways to wear a skirt
~Ideas on how to layer your costume
~Costume ideas for head pieces, jewelry, make-up and footwear.

I will provide:
~ Felt for the base of your belt
~Card board base to make your tassels
~Yarn to practice a tassel
~fake flowers
~Large bobby pins for the flower head piece
and handouts of all the information covered in class.
~Hot glue gun
~All of my costumes to show examples of

You Bring:
~Any materials you have been wanting to make something out of~yarn, fabric, trim,fake flowers,etc.
~Thread and needle
~sewing pins
~hot glue gun (not mandatory)
~tables are limited so bring a blanket to spread out all of your materials.

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