Break Free from Smoking with Hypnosis

Hypnosis: The safest, most effective way to stop smoking!

3 small group sessions plus CD
$99 per person

Starts Monday, June 6th, 6pm

Did you know that hypnosis is MORE EFFECTIVE than the patch, gum or pill to stop smoking with NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS?

Patch, Gum, Pill…LESS THEN 15% SUCCESS
Hypnosis……66% SUCCESS RATE
~Reported in Scientific America

Like most habits, smoking can be attributed to root causes you might not be aware of. For many people, smoking meets the subconscious need for ritual and self-nurturing taking a break, getting outdoors, breathing deeply and triggering a positive brain state are all ways you may attempt to *treat* yourself and incorporate relaxing rituals into your life. But it’s no secret the health risks of smoking drastically outweigh the short-term pleasures.

Hypnotherapy has gained a reputation as one of the most successful smoking cessation methods because it recognizes that your desire for cigarettes goes far beyond nicotine. Rather than relying on willpower to resist smoking urges, hypnotherapy uses safe and gentle hypnosis techniques designed to help you meet your needs in ways that support health and well being.

Class is lead by clinical hypnotherapist, Brandy Astwood, who effectively used hypnosis 13 years ago to stop smoking (even though she is married to a smoker!).

This class is only for people who want to quit smoking, not because they are being pressured by others.

Space limited to 6 people.
Space fills up quick so CALL TODAY!

Brandy Astwood, CHT, HBCE, CD, CIMT

Clinical Hypnotherapist /Director of Motherlode Holistic Connection~ A Community Wellness Center

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