Next cooking class ~ kombucha

Cooking Class ~ Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermentation made from black tea and sugar using a scoby culture (a combination of yeast and bacteria) which is said to have originated in Asia (Russia, Japan and China). The combination creates a healthy beverage full of pro-biotics, B-vitamins, enzymes and amino acids. Kombucha is a GREAT substitute for soda!

Kefir is also a fermentation but from a different culture. The “grains” of kefir which are also a combination of yeast and bacteria can be used to ferment water and various milks to create an effervescent “soda” like drink. Like kombucha, kefir contains beneficial pro-biotics, minerals and amino acids.

Basic Kombucha
Raspberry Kombucha
Lavender Lemon Kombucha
Chocolate Kombucha
Water Kefir
Flavored Water Kefir

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


RSVP and payment must be recieved by Monday April 18

To sign up, contact Kristi at 209-712-2424
OR kristi

Kristi Hyllen, CNC
Certified Holistic Health Coach in training

My website ~ Kitchen Witch Coaching
My blog ~ Musings of a Kitchen Witch



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