2011 CW Herbal CSA

Greetings and Brightest of Blessings All 😉

The Chrysalis Woman Farm 2011 Herbal CSA Program is now open for registration!!

Not sure what an Herbal CSA Program is? Click here for more Info!

2011 Herbal CSA from Chrysalis Woman Farm

Monthly Basket Herbal Medicine Program

Your Monthly Basket Will Include the Following:

1 – 1 oz tincture

1 – 2 oz salve or 2 oz herbal oil

1 – 3 oz tea blend

(An email will be sent out 2 weeks prior to pick-up day with a list of choices in each category. Simply email your choices by the deadline given and then pick up at the farm on pick up day! As the season grows, so will the selection to choose from)

According to seasonal availability baskets will also include at least 2 of the following:

Herb Infused Honey

Medicinal or Culinary Vinegar

Elixirs/Cough Syrups/Lozenges

Fresh Flowers

Fresh Culinary Herbs

Dried Culinary Herbs/Blends

Smudge Sticks

Fire Cider

Each month’s basket will provide herbal allies for promoting seasonal health and wholeness. Full product descriptions and herbal information is included with each monthly basket.

Herbal Baskets can be picked up at Goddess Circle or Visit the Gardens on Designated Pick-Up Day (see below)


May ~ Sunday 22nd

June ~ Sunday 19th

July ~ Sunday 16th

August ~ Sunday 20th

September ~ Sunday 19th

October ~ Sunday 16th

Bring a dish to share, take a walk through the herbal gardens and visit with other families picking up their local medicine. Attending the Goddess Circle the night before? Then stay over in our Circle B&B and help us prepare for Medicine Pick-up! (Pick-up times are from 1-4pm)

If you would like to become a 2011 CW pick-up site, we only need 4 additional shareholders willing to use your location in order to designate you as a site for delivery. Delivery sites now available in the following locations: Jackson, Angels Camp, Sonora, Stockton, Modesto, Sacramento

CSA Members also enjoy a 10% discount on all other Chrysalis Woman Herbal products purchased throughout the year.



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