Creative Nonfiction Workshop Starting April 7th

Announcing this year’s….. Creative Nonfiction Workshop!

When: Starting Thursday, April 7th
Where: Our beloved Hein and Co Bookstore, Jackson
How Long: 8 weeks (rather than 12) 4/7- 5/26
Cost: $320 which includes optional public reading, possible publication in future Anthology
Info: For details and to register go to or call (209) 296-2653.

Other news… the Anthology is selling like hotcakes at Hein and Co! First order is selling out! Many folks have expressed their appreciation and are truly impressed with the quality of work within. Keep your eye out for Scott Anderson’s piece in the Sierra Lodestar that reviews The Palm and The Pine: Mining Our World For Story Gold. Also, if you’re a former student whose work is featured within, make sure you ask for a discount at Hein and Co. I can also mail you a copy if requested.

Whether I see you in this year’s workshop or not, I wish you the best of the written word and hope that your life is story big!

-Sarah Luck


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