The Answer to Absolutely Everything

Do we live our lives by default or design? The Answer to Absolutely Everything, a film produced by Dr. Ray Blanchard explores the fundamental question of how to live a profoundly abundant and joyful life.

At the A Course in Miracles study group next Tuesday, March 22 the film, The Answer to Absolutely Everything, will be shown. The ACIM group meets from 7 – 9 p.m. at La Creativa Gallery, 42 Main Street in Jackson (next to the Century 21 Realty).

Following the film Dr. Blanchard will make himself available from his home in Texas by phone call on speaker. How the concepts in the film relate to the content of A Course in Miracles will be the subject of later discussions at the ACIM study group.

You are welcome to join the ACIM group for the viewing of this powerful film. There is no cost or obligation to join. If you’d like to know more about the film or Dr. Blanchard, you can contact Tom Esposito by email: hiddencreek.

The ACIM class meets every Tuesday evening from 7-9 with teacher Helen Bonner, Ph.D. For more information about the ACIM class contact Helen by email at hbonron.

The ACIM class is a one of the ministries sponsored by Sophia’s Well of Wisdom. Visit our website at form more information or contact Rev. Patsy at the number provided below.

“Spiritual Wellness for Body & Soul”


An InterSpiritual Center of the Light of Christ Community Church

Sophia School of Wisdom
An Extension Center for Sancta Sophia Seminary
Rev. Patsy Walker Fine
8 Court Street
Jackson, CA

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