Iodine for radiation protection: Here are some sources that are still available

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In the aftermath of Japan’s nuclear catastrophe and the fear that winds could blow radiation into the west coast of North America, there has been a sudden rush on potassium iodide, which helps protect your glandular system from radiation poisoning if you’re exposed.

The Japanese government is handing out this supplement in huge quantities to the survivors north of Tokyo, and here at NaturalNews, we’ve received a flurry of requests from people wanting to know where they can find available supplies of potassium iodide.

These “radiation pills” are being sold out everywhere. Drug stores in California are receiving a stampede of phone calls from near-panicked residents there.

We know where to get some high-quality liquid iodine supplements (and also where to learn more about WHY you must take iodine BEFORE radiation exposure in order to benefit from it).

Read the details in this urgent article I’ve just posted, which lists three sources where you can obtain high-quality iodine as a safe supplement:

To your health,

– Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

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