CW Spring Wellness Series


WILD WEEDS ~ only a couple spaces left!!

Workshop taught by Ayla Miner

Friday, February 25th (5-9pm)

“Ran or Shine”

Spring is a time of cleansing… a re-awakening from the slumber of Winter. Using what Mother Earth provides in the way of bitters and greens, aids our bodies in shedding the heaviness of Winter, and guides us in aligning with this season of movement and rebirth. Spring is a good time to focus on using and eating the "leaves" of plants, which provide the necessary nutrients that awaken our systems, preparing us for the year ahead.

Here’s What You’ll Learn/Experience:

1. Take a weed walk with Ayla through the Chrysalis Woman gardens and learn to identify Spring’s Herbal Allies like ~ Nettle, Dandelion, Mallow, Chickweed, Miner’s Lettuce and others that grow all around us during this time of season.

2. Harvest a variety of these “weeds” and learn how to make medicinal vinegars, green smoothies, wild salads and soups and creamy pestos!

This workshop includes a simple, delicious, organic and seasonal meal with healing herbal infusions AND hands on practice in the kitchen, class handouts and recipes!

Class Registration Deadline: Wednesday, February 23rd

Call (209) 772-0511 or email



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