Healing, Structure, Respect and Discipline

From MHC Team member, Rose….

Healing, Structure, Respect and Discipline

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A Navajo woman prepares for a healing, she gets up before dawn and washes her hair with yucca root fresh from the desert soil. She wants her hair still wet, and freshly rinsed to have her thinking power cool and alert. She collects plants, and tools she will use. She communes with the ancestors, looks into the eastern sky to immerse herself in the first rays of light. She tells the earth and sky who is coming.

Everything must be right before the client arrives, she cleans the hogan where the healing ceremony will take place. Organization is flowing, because we are talking about healing, two people coming together to make medicine.

Healing women use different tools to get the answers to help with healing, but in essence there is a healing conversation that takes place. The medicine woman listens and the client talks and asks questions, and from these questions the medicine woman gathers information and intuitively knows where to make an opening within the conversation. Through this process a clear channel will be found to open up the healing process.

Spirituality is healing and without it, there is no healing. All healing comes from Spirit. No medicine woman will say she has power because the power belongs to the Great Spirit. No wise woman witch will say she has power because she knows the Goddess has power. No curandera will say she has power because God has power. And within this concept is the power of the Spirit flowing through, so that the Great Spirit lives in the medicine woman, the Goddess lives in the wise woman, we recognize Spirit within each one of us, Namaste! We all have the power flowing through us, let us all heal in some way, let us have respect for each other and all traditions. Let that be the healing.

A Navajo woman may heal with corn pollen, clay, and herbs and a woman of the Goddess may use a deck of cards, runes or stones. And some healers use all of the above or different methods, but order, organization, compassion, discipline and respect are all a part of the healing process to the healer.

And there must be boundaries. A healing woman does not let others take sacred power and do with what they will, as this is disrespectful to the the energy source with which the channel is created. A person must ask for healing and once given that healing, take it into their heart for reflection. No one can put healing “into” you, no one can do anything without your permission and participation. A true healing woman requires her client to be clear in intention, game playing or prying for or twisting information will not be tolerated, as it has no place in the realm of Spirit. Many native american healers will not see you unless you have proven respect for their healing craft. Disrespect a healer and you will be shown the door! This I believe is the reason that the essence of healing from shaman, medicine woman, witch or wise woman is protected and has remained hidden from society. Unfortunately, this provokes mysterious questions and presumptions from mainstream society. This misunderstanding leads to the destruction of our truly sacred traditions that have been handed down, protected and cherished for ages. On the other hand the commercialism of “witchcraft” also leads to destruction and in the hands of those without knowledge and heart centered intention.

But, when those who intend to destruct and call negativity into healing women’s tradition, by gossip and assumptions, not just one woman suffers, all women suffer. The witch hunt rears its ugly head, and flies like wildfire throughout the community.

I keep my native traditions sacred. I keep new ones I develop sacred. I stand with my ancestors and my family of healers. When someone has disrespect for my healing work, they disrespect my grandmother, my grandfather, my mother and my father, all my relations. And when someone is in gratitude for healing, I know my ancestors are smiling, I feel their hands on my shoulders, I feel them say, “I did good”, and for now that is the most important thing I hold on to.

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