Chrysalis Woman February 2011 Event Calendar

Greetings and Bright Blessings All!

The Chrysalis Woman 2011 February Event Calendar is now up and available! Just click the link below for more information on all that will be available in our Sanctuary this month ~

Coventina Goddess Circle ~ Our theme this month is Purification and Cleansing from the previous year and the welcoming in of a new story as yet untold

Coventina Goddess Study ~ Work with the Goddess Coventina around the themes of cleansing, releasing and purification and begin creating your own Goddess Oracle deck

Circle Bed and Breakfast ~ Stay overnight after Circle and enjoy an organic, local and whole food breakfast and morning Woman’s Wisdom Circle 😉

Circle Priestess Program ~ Our Initiate Sisters will participate in their private Dedication Ceremony this Saturday ~ Send prayers of support as they cross this threshold to the Inner Sanctum ~

Eating Locally and Wild Weeds ~ Come join us for Fun wellness workshops this month ~ from making your own local food wheel to harvesting local wild weeds to make pesto, salads, green smoothies & soups!

February Event Calendar

The Circle Awaits You!

All My LOVE!


“Ignite the Light and Let is Shine”

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