Local horses need help NOW!!

> We have to blast these people with calls and emails and DO SOMETHING to get these poor animals out of this horrible place. Mike and I are calling every hour and have added the Calaveras board of supervisors and the sherriff’s office. Stef > Subject: photos
> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v28/nickbranch/Copperopolis%20Horses/c1.jpg >
> A TWHA member forwards this email…
> It is with great sadness and heartbreak that I am forwarding these pictures. >
> There are 10 horses, 9 mares and a stallion in Copperopolis, Ca living in these horrific conditions. These horses were brought to our attention in January of 2010. At that time we were advised by Calaveras County Animal Control that the owner had until February 2010 to improve the living conditions for these horses or they would be taking legal action. We offered our help at that time to Animal Control as well as the owner to take all of these horses. A concerned citizen emailed us these pictures taken yesterday and Wednesday. >
> Calaveras Animal Control says the District Attorney now has the file and unless they can prove the owner is not feeding the horses they are unable to seize them. These horses need to be rescued NOW! Not when the county gets their “case” together.. So far it’s taken more than 2 YEARS! >
> ReHorse Rescue Ranch is willing to take all 10 horses but our hands are tied. These horses are in mud up to their knees, are not receiving proper feed, vet or hoof care. As you can see, the stallion is currently living in a dog kennel. >
> Please help them. Forward this email to everyone you know TODAY! >
> We have tried to contact the TV news station but they are not calling back. If you would like to call the local agencies involved, I am including some phone #’s. >
> Calaveras Animal Control – (209) 754-6509
> Calaveras District Attorney – (209) 754-6330
> Darren Spellman – County Supervisor – (209) 786-4585

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