EBOOK-IT! Workshop next week – last call

> If you have a book ready to publish — any genre or form — or even if you aren’t ready yet, you need to be informed about the new ebook publishing wave that is on the verge of rocking the publishing world AND you need to learn how to market your work in the global electronic world. Come to Saturday’s workshop on Jan. 29 in San Andreas 22 Main St from 8:30 AM to 5 PM. Reserve your spot – space is limited to 25 and we’re filling up. We didn’t want to forget notifying anyone. Email me if you’d like to reserve your spot. $75.00 for the two workshops. >
> Manzanita Writers Press is hosting this one-day workshop on ebook publishing and formatting. It’s a hands-on experience if you bring your laptop — you will be able to go through the ebook formatting process with your manuscript and learn how to publish electronically. If you’re not quite ready to publish, but you’d like to learn how, it will be a valuable experience. Lou Gonzalez (former NASA computer engineer and current writer) and Jim Lanier (short story collection ebook), with Jennifer Hoffman, computer specialist, will take you through the process of publishing your work on Kindle. Bring a laptop for free wi-fi access and hands-on application, if you wish. >
> The second workshop in the afternoon is presented by Linda Lee, Bay Area web designer and presenter at the San Francisco Writers Conference and many other venues. She will present valuable ways to help writers develop their brands, to market their work in ways to optimize their online presence, and to expand a writer’s global presence. During the hands-on session, she will quickly check out your web site and give tips on maximum optimization, and multi-media marketing of your work and of you, the writer. >
> Monika Rose
> Editor
> Manzanita Writers Press
> Email: mrosemanza@jps.net
> Web Site: http://www.manzapress.com
> River By the Glass
> A Collection of Poems
> http://www.monikarosewriter.com

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