2011 CW Woman’s Medicine Wheel Program

Sent by Brandy Astwood

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Chrysalis Woman
Woman’s Medicine Wheel Program

Greetings and Brightest Blessings Goddess!

Registration is still open for the 2011 Woman’s Medicine Wheel Program, a nine month long journey reconnecting with your sacred blood mysteries, with only a couple spaces left!

Read on to learn about this powerful program. We begin in February and gather through October.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me ~


Woman’s Medicine Wheel Program Weaving Together Goddess, Earth, Moon and Womb

2008 StudentsThis program is an intensive nine month long journey reclaiming our body and Mother Earth’s as one. A weaving together of women’s blood mysteries, body ecology, earthly seasons, lunar rhythms, seasonal whole foods and ferments, herbal medicine, feminism, and much more! It is one full day a month of remembering, reclaiming and reviving your body’s wisdom and your deep connection to Mother Earth.


Class One ~ Imbolc, Welcome & Dedication
* Welcome Circle & Blessing the Way Dedication Ceremony
* Overview of program, syllabus & expectations
* Imbolc / Moon ~ Crescent / Goddess ~ Infant
* Feminism, Sisterhood & the Wise Woman Tradition
* The Sacred Feminine, the Burning Times & Witchcraft

Class Two ~ Spring Equinox, The Fertile Woman & the Maiden
* Opening Circle
* Spring Equinox / Moon ~ 1st Quarter / Goddess ~ Maiden
* The East Direction / Season of Air
* Cycle Wisdom – Womb/Fertility Awareness & Health
* Nourishing Herbals for Womb Health
* Womb Art Meditation

Class Three ~ Radiant Breast Health
* Opening Circle
* Cycle Wisdom – Breast Awareness & Health
* Nourishing Herbals for Breast Health
* Learning Self Breast Massage
* Creating a Breast Shield

Class Four ~ Beltane & The Sexual Woman
* Opening Circle
* Beltane / Moon ~ Gibbous / Goddess ~ Lover
* South Direction / Season of Fire
* Cycle Wisdom ~ Sexual Awareness & Health
* Nourishing Herbals for Sexual Health
* Yoni Mandala

Class Five ~ Summer Solstice & The Childbearing Woman
* Opening Circle
* Summer Solstice / Moon ~ Full / Goddess ~ Mother
* Review of Direction / Element / Animals, Trees & Stones
* Cycle Wisdom ~ Empowering Pregnancy & Birth & Beyond
* Nourishing Herbals for Pregnancy & Birth
* Knowing Your Birth Story

Class Six ~ The Medicine Woman
* Opening Circle
* Creating a new Definition of Medicine
* Finding Your Medicine Woman Within
* Herb Medicine 101
* Herb Walk & Medicine Making (tinctures, salves, teas, etc.)

Class Seven ~ Lammas & The Menarche Experience
* Opening Circle
* Lammas / Moon ~ Disseminating / Goddess ~ Amazon
* West Direction / Season of Water
* Cycle Wisdom ~ Menarche Awareness & Healing
* Nourishing Herbals for Menarche
* Blessing the Menarche Way Ceremony

Class Eight ~ Fall Equinox & The Menstruating Woman
* Opening Circle
* Fall Equinox / Moon ~ 2nd Quarter / Goddess ~ Matriarch
* Cycle Wisdom ~ Conscious Menstruation
* Nourishing Herbals for Menstruation
* Reclaiming the Menstrual Matrix & Moon Time Amulet

Class Nine ~ Samhain & The Menopausal Woman
* Opening Circle
* Samhain / Moon ~ Balsamic / Goddess ~ Crone
* North Direction / Season of Earth
* Cycle Wisdom ~ Menopause Metamorphosis
* Nourishing Herbals for Menopause
* Seal Skin /Soul Skin

November ~ No Class
Enter the Womb of Winter & Work on

December ~ No Class Winter Solstice information sent via program e-group

January ~ Graduation Ceremony
All CW program students and family gather for a Potluck and Ceremony


*Program binder, program handouts, class materials
*Lecture/group discussion & video presentation every month
*Herbal infusions & local, organic whole foods/healing herb & wild ferment lunch provided at every class
*1 hour consultations with Ayla each month during the duration of your Program
*10% Discount on Chrysalis Woman products, events & herbals throughout Program year


A non-refunable deposit of $200 is required to secure your place in the program. Registration Deadline has been extended to January 30th 2011. Email chrysaliswoman if you have any questions.

Interested in joining us? Secure your spot by paying below ~

Buy Now

Program Deposit
Buy Now

Program Payment in Full

Program Location and Dates All Classes Are Held On Saturdays (10am-5pm)

115.jpgClasses are held at the Chrysalis Woman Herb Farm located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills in Calaveras County, CA. For those traveling a distance, overnight accomodations are available. Please email for more information.
All classes start promptly at 10am for the check-in circle, so plan on arriving at 9:30am to get settled. Each class is divided up into lecture, group discussion and hands-on experience. We will be learning in direct relationship with Seasonal Cycles.

CW Woman

February 5th
March 5th

April 2nd
May 7th
June 4th
July 2nd
August 6th
September 3rd
October 1st

After class in October we enter the Womb of Winter and students begin work on their graduation projects. We reunite in January for reconnection, sharing of projects and a graduation ceremony.

Herbal infusions and organic, seasonal, whole food lunches are provided by Chrysalis Woman. All herbs and food come direct from our gardens when possible or local and organic farmers. Please bring snack food for yourself for throughout the day.
All classes are held outdoors, weather permitting ~

About Ayla
Dianic High Priestess, Herbalist, Woman-Craft Practitioner

AylaAyla has been facilitating sacred space for women to gather and learn about the Sacred Feminine, Feminist Theory and Wise Woman Ways since 1998 and is completely devoted to helping women reawaken to their Sacred Divinity by remembering HER story, experiencing ritual and honoring their Sacred Cycle Wisdom.

She helps Women reawaken to this Wisdom by guiding them back to reconnect and reclaim the Womb Wisdom of Fertility Awareness, Empowered Pregnancy & Birth, Conscious Menstruation and Menopause Metamorphosis, while re-establishing the connection between Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, the Sacred Feminine and the Woman Self.

She currently leads monthly Women’s Circles, guides women through nine month long Women’s Medicine Wheel and Circle Priestess Programs, has attended home and hospital birth as a Certified Doula, creates organic, handcrafted Herbals for all of Women’s Sacred Cycles and was the creatrix and publisher of the BIRTH PAGES (a local resource for holistic prenatal & birth services) and CYCLES (an E-zine honoring the Sacred Cycles of Goddess, Earth, Moon & Woman Self).

She continues expanding her knowledge and experience in Wholistic Well Woman care and Womb Medicine Wisdom as taught in the Wise Woman Way, expanding her herbal gardens and passionately pursues her dream of developing a Wise Woman Center on land in the foothills of Calaveras County.

Personally, she loves growing flower/veggie & herb gardens, belly dancing, yoga, making herbals with the green allies, devouring books, and continues to strive for a self sufficient, sustainable, cyclical and community oriented life.

What Women Are Saying

Michelle Royce struck a chord with me when she said: “It celebrates the healing wisdom, stories, jokes, ceremonies, connection and love that thousands of generations of women have shared and understood. It is about learning to nourish yourself in body, mind and spirit, making time for yourself and getting to know yourself in all the different stages of your life”.

She was talking about her book-she could have been talking about the CW Woman’s Wheel Programme. The programme has been a profound experience in my life. I have a greater understanding of “why” and “where” and “how” in relation to myself and to the rest of the world. I am no longer interested in “playing the game” – what I call what is expected or understood to be expected. I am more aware of my needs and what makes my heart sing and how to bring that into my life. I am more able to recognize the need for support and access said support, than before. I am realizing that I can be a person in my own right as well as a mother and wife. It was great to feel the thrill of discovery and awakening of wisdom that the course facilitated. The course has allowed me access to a whole new realm of reality.

The teaching style is impressive. Ayla gives her heart and soul. She is incredibly insightful as a guide, knowledgeable as a person, gifted as a facilitator, gracious as a host and great fun.

The class materials are wide and varied using all media and modalities. The wealth of materials is incredible – plentiful resources to facilitate many projects. The emphasis on creativity and varied pathways to access personal expression or learning style is remarkable.

The breadth of the syllabus is imposing. Class materials and handouts are always inspiring and challenging and the knowledge provided is clear and succinct. Class handouts and binder serve to create a programme that one can follow year after year – spiraling to greater personal growth.

Consultation time allowed me space to further delve into thoughts or themes. A real luxury time for me. The one on one time with Ayla was hugely helpful and nourishing.

It was a journey of discovery of myself and the world around me. A huge gift.

Everything from my tampons to my toothpaste has been challenged. Some attitudes, beliefs, certainties, habits of mine of old have been altered, embraced or created anew.

New thoughts, rituals and approaches have become part of everyday life. I can feel tangible growth. I have asked myself questions that I never thought before – what do I believe, why do I believe that. My “taken for granted” assumptions and values certainly were challenged.

The seed is planted, the resources available, the support ready – the journey awaits to take you where you will go”.

“Thank you”

Brigh Ruadh
2008 Student

“My new mantra for life is now, “There are no answers, only choices.” I am so grateful to have made the choice to participate in this years’ Program with Chrysalis Woman.

The Woman’s Medicine Wheel Program is, like all of life, what you make of it. Ayla is a wise woman who guides us through, introducing us to many aspects of the sacred feminine. She provides us with many opportunities and options for personal growth, including, but not limited to: journal questions; lunar charts; monthly rituals; altar guidance; weekly and monthly numerology; books to read about women’s health, herstory, and awareness; seasonal cooking; herbs; and, most importantly, a loving sense that we are one, Mother Earth, Gaia.

If you are feeling a visceral pull or longing for something more. If you desire to have a safe environment to pursue and acknowledge this. If you are on a spiritual quest…. know that you are in the right place as there are no coincidences in life. You are reading this, therefore, I believe, you are already there.

My thanks to the sisters who participated with me this year. It has been an amazing journey”.

“All Love”

‘Imiloa ~ 2008 Student

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