This New Year Of Change

This New Year Of Change

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The new year is upon us and we are thinking of ways to improve our lifestyle. Every new year people think about making positive changes in their lives. The usual ritual of list making include; losing weight, abstinence from drinking alcohol, smoking etc. These are surface goals that can be attained, but I am suggesting that you look a little deeper this year.

The Solstice Message
This particular Solstice experience was like peering through a looking glass. A vision unfolding of changes where all is possible. I believe that this year, many people will be looking to make changes in their lives that they have not before. It will become a driving force neccessary for self survival. Once the door is open, more courage will be available for us to start a life changing journey. On Solstice morning, the sun pushing through the clouds with strenghthening light streaming forth to start the day gave promise of something special this year, if we will only accept it.

Your Heart is a Source of Light into the Soul
Inside the heart is a place of comfort, it is within that place that you can find a source of peace and comfort that you will either acknowledge or reject, as we always have choices. Through the heart, doors open and possibilities revolve around us. Do you reject what will really make you happy, and settle for something less? One of the ways to recognize a true comfort source is to feel it. Through spending time in reflection, you can ask your heart to show you what you have blocked for yourself. These are things that you have told yourself that you cannot have. And you can ask your heart to show you what you need to let go of. These are things that cause chaos and unsettling behaviors in ourselves and others around us. The things that keep you up at night have a lot to do with what you can let go of. Ask your heart for courage to loosen the boundaries you have set for yourself that keep you from achieving peace. And then ask your heart to give you the courage to see the things that you need to let go of.

Connection With The Heart
This year have a heart to heart talk with yourself. Encourage courage. Stand up for what is neccessary to achieve real peace within yourself. Insist on it. Without the power within your heart, and without strength you cannot achieve your goal here on the planet. As you make this heart connection, the results will become evident with synchronistic events.

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