Happy Holidays from Sophia’s Well of Wisdom

December 2010 Sophia’s Well of Wisdom Newsletter
It’s the time once again for the Winter Festivals of Light on Planet Earth. The Christ-Light is born anew in the lowly manger of our hearts! We had a wonderful time welcoming the season on the first Sunday of Advent with a Winter Festivals Workshop. It is an ongoing workshop that continues each Sunday of Advent, throughout the season to Epiphany.

Join us for the special events this month during the Winter Festivals of Light. The four weeks of Advent mirror four stages of human development leading up to full spiritual awakening. Each Advent Sunday we discover what Christmas is all about from a universal and inclusive mystical perspective.

I had a wonderful experience at the annual Light of Christ Homecoming Conference in November. Here I am enjoying
Harra House a few minutes with Rev. Carol Parrish and Charles Harra at their lovely home at Sparrow Hawk Village. On the table is a collection of Sophia figurines that Rev. Carol has collected on her many world travels over the years.

At Sophia’s Well of Wisdom, we welcome all who want to join in establishing an inter spiritual center in our community devoted to an inclusive spirituality and the Path of the Soul – the individual expression of Soul in a community context. Read more…

Winter Festivals of Light

Winter AngelThere are many local opportunities to enjoy the Winter and Christmas festivities. Many think that Christmas is an exclusive Christian religious holiday, but from an esoteric view the annual coming of the Christ or “Light-Presence” is universal and transcends religious doctrine. It truly represents a consciousness that is expressed as “Peace on Earth and Good Will to all.”

The wonderful timeless mystical Christmas drama will unfold each Sunday throughout Advent, the Holy Days, and into Epiphany. Once again, we are drawn to nurture the conception, birth, and development of Holy Light Within, in an ever expanding and unfolding spiritual incarnation… Just as Master Jesus taught.

Join us…

  • each of the next three Advent Sundays at 10 a.m.
  • Sunday December 12 from 2 – 4 p.m. for a Christmas Sing A-long Concert with local performers Laurie Vela and son Jeremiah and Shari Anderson
  • Winter Solstice Celebration and Candlelight Service December 21 from 7 – 8:15 p.m.
  • World Healing Meditation Wednesday Dec. 29 at 9:30 a.m. or Thursday, Dec. 30 at 7 p.m.

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Sophia School Of Wisdom

Sancta Sophia Seminary, the educational institution of Light of Christ Community Church, Tahlequah, OK, has selected Sophia’s Well of Wisdom as a Sophia School of Wisdom. Operating as an extension of Sancta Sophia Seminary, the extension schools are permitted to teach certain courses for full or partial credit with the seminary. Our school is currently the only one available in the western region.

The courses offered include Ancient Wisdom, Meditation, Dream Study, Nutrition and Natural Health, Astrology, Numerology, Spiritual Healing, and Spiritual Disciplines and Practices.

Students completing these courses will receive a Sophia School of Wisdom Certificate which will be transferable for course completion upon registration in one of the many structured study programs at Sancta Sophia Seminary.

The courses are open to all, for credit or for personal growth. This new program will allow student to take classes locally, without enrolling in the Seminary, yet get credit later if they should decide to continue their studies. It combines the convenience and flexibility of home study with weekly or weekend classes, reading and a project.

The Sophia School of Wisdom will begin classes in February 2011. The educational program will follow the trimester system at SSS running from February through October.

Along with a new extension center, the Board of Trustees of Light of Christ Community Church and the Board of Governors of Sancta Sophia Seminary recently announced the appointment of a new dean for the seminary, Dr. Susan Hamilton.

An excerpt from the November 2010 Sancta Sophia Seminary News states:
(Dr. Hamilton) began her formal education with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from California State University, Los Angeles… She was ordained through Light of Christ Community Church in 1992.

Three years later, as a member of the International Council of Community Churches, Rev. Hamilton was called to pastoral ministry by Parkside Community Church – UCC in Sacramento. For fifteen years she has served that congregation with creative worship and educational leadership. Realizing the need to bridge traditional Christianity with interfaith and esoteric perspectives received at Sancta Sophia, she completed a Masters of Divinity at San Francisco Theological Seminary, in 1999. That same year, the United Church of Christ granted her full ministerial standing.

Dedication to enthusiastic, insightful, and dynamic teaching as a means of nurturing a soul’s spiritual journey in life eventually lead Dr. Hamilton to attain a Doctorate of Ministry from San Francisco Theological Seminary. Reflecting her deep-rooted esoteric interests, her Doctoral dissertation was titled, “Seeking Sophia – Discovering the Holy Feminine.”

Dr. Susan Hamilton begins her tenure as Sancta Sophia Dean on February 1, 2011.

Before embarking on her move to Sparrow Hawk Village in Tahlequah, OK, Dr. Hamilton will stop by Sophia’s Well of Wisdom to participate in the dedication of the Sophia School of Wisdom on January 17th.

All are welcome to join us on that day to learn more about the Sophia School of Wisdom, classes, faculty, the seminary, as well as Sophia’s Well of Wisdom and meet Dr. Hamilton.

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Spiritual Practice Groups

The Spiritual Practice Circle now meets on Wednesday morning starting Dec. 1. We will no longer meet on Thursday morning. The small group support circle meets from 9:30 to 11 a.m. to practice a variety of spiritual disciplines including spiritual healing, meditation and prayer, compassionate speaking and listening, spiritual self-assessment, and spiritual conversations.

A Course in Miracles is an ongoing study group that meets each Tuesday evening from 7-9 p.m. with teacher Helen Bonner. The ACIM will join the Winter Solstice Celebration on Dec. 21 as a special event.

Read More

There are also many local opportunities for spiritual practice:
Eugene Alliende hosts a weekly meditation class at Global Healing Arts in Jackson on Mondays at 5:15 p.m. Contact Eugene at 209-223-9500 for more information.

Mary Sevika Hackworth leads Yoga and Tai Chi classes at Motherlode Holistic Connection and the Senior Center in Jackson. Contact Mary at 209-256-2844 for more information.

In This Issue
Winter Festivals
Sophia School of Wisdom
Spiritual Practice Groups
Annual Community Meeting
Rev. Carol E. Parrish
Movement Meditation
Annual Community Meeting Coming in January!

The annual Sophia’s Well of Wisdom community meeting will be held on January 17 beginning at 11:30 at the Motherlode Holistic Connection, 8 Court Street in Jackson. The meeting includes a luncheon to show appreciation for all who have supported the ministry of SWOW over the year and the required annual business meeting.

The luncheon will begin at noon followed by the 2010 annual report. The Program Planning Committee will provide a summary of plans for 2011. Program ideas and suggestions are welcome.

The culminating event will be the dedication ceremony for the newly authorized Sophia School of Wisdom, an extension center for Sancta Sophia Seminary. See article to the left.

Rev. Carol E. Parrish
Dean Emeritus of SSS

Parrish, C.

Rev. Carol retired this year as Dean of Sancta Sophia Seminary. Although retired, she still has an active life of service and continues to teach many of her students from her home in weekly telecon- ferences. She has also planned some special retreats this year. Visit www.caroleparrish.com to keep up with her offerings and enjoy her gift of wisdom.

Movement Meditation with Marilyn

Marily Nutter Marilyn Nutter, gifted teacher and social activist, shares her many talents and experiences with SWOW.

Once a month Marilyn shares her perspective as facilitator of the Sunday Wisdom Circle. This month Marilyn will co-facilitate the Sunday December 12th service.

Starting in January on the second Thursday morning of each month, Marilyn will lead us in a Chi Movement Mediation. This simple form of tai chi brings balance and harmony to the body- mind-spirit.

Marilyn was trained in the movement meditation as taught by Capaciter International. Using wellness practices, such as Tai Chi, Capacitar teaches “body literacy” to reconnect people to their own wisdom and capacity.

The meditation will begin at 9:30 a.m. in the large classroom at Motherlode Holistic Connection.

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Light of Christ Community Church
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Sophia’s Well of Wisdom
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Radiant Light Spiritual Center
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Contact Information

Sophia’s Well of Wisdom meets at the Motherlode Holistic Connection, 8 Court Street in Jackson, CA.
My office is behind the set of windows on the right of the historical Jackson building.

I can be reached at
or by email: sophiaswell

Happy Holidays!
Rev. Patsy Walker Fine
Minister, SWOW

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