Reiki I & II Workshop in Valley Springs, CA

(Please forward to anyone who might be interested)


Reiki I & II Workshop in Valley Springs, CA with Terri Gladden, Reiki Master

December 11 – 12, 2010


Dec.11 Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm: Introduction to Reiki / Reiki I

o   $125 Reiki I Certification, includes workbook

Dec.12 Sunday 9:00am – 3:00pm: Reiki II

o   $100 Reiki II Certification

Both Days and Certifications $225; light lunch included.

Reiki I

Reiki students begin by “wiring into” the source of universal light with a Reiki One attunement.  This attunement activates the Reiki energy.  Once activated, the energy is permanent and never lessens, even if it isn’t used.

Learn the history of Reiki

Receive the First Level Attunement

Strengthen your direction and vision

Learn how to give full-body treatments to self and to others

Make your overall healing touch more potent

Reiki II

The Second Level Attunement tends to open up the heart center and allow you to feel more love, warmth, comfort and joy for yourself and to others.  Reiki Two can be of great help when dealing withaddictive behavior.   Reiki treatments and knowledge give our minds the focus, our bodies the relaxation, and our emotions the love and support to help end addictive behavior.

Learn to work with three of the five sacred Reiki symbols

Receive the Second Level Attunement

Learn how to do long-distance or absentee healing

Learn how to send energy into your affirmations and your purpose.



Terri Gladden, Reiki Master

209-772-9113 (1kDesigns) / cell 209-728-7195

2772 Ross Drive

Valley Springs CA 95252


Note: Reiki Master class TBA

If you feel drawn or guided to attend the weekend with us please notify me as soon as possible. J


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