Dec 3 Women of Vision Gathering

Women of Vision Empowerment Network

Next WOVEN Gathering ~

Friday, December 3rd (1-3pm)

Motherlode Holistic Connections

8 Court Street, Jackson, CA

Questions? Contact Ayla at 209-772-0511


Meditation and grounding

Reading of Womanifesto



Topic for the Day


Celebrating Our First Year ~ Walking into the Future

Let’s come together Women of WOVEN and celebrate our first year together! A twelve month journey with a group of empowered women walking the path of abundance from the heart. We’ve experienced a myraid of gatherings, were treated to an abundance of experiences and have made wonderful connections. What was your favorite? How did WOVEN add to your business? Come and share as we gather to honor this time with one another.

We will also be going over all of the turned in questionnaires ~ as 2011 draws ever near it’s time to evaluate our unfolding up to this point and determine where we’re going. Join with us as we lay down the foundation of another year to come!

Additional Things to Bring:

Snack to share

Cards/Brochures/flyers etc to be shared and posted at MHC

CHILDCARE: Women are welcome to bring attached babe’s in arms, however are encouraged to find childcare for older children. No woman will be turned away do to mothering responsibilities, childcare is available on site by Jewel ( Brandy’s oldest daughter) for a small fee. Please contact Brandy at 209-304-8495

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