What’s available on these beautiful fall days at Butte Mountain Farm

Hi all,

I’ve updated the products list (There are a few problems so I’ll have to contact my web person.) Please take a look and place your orders! The lettuce is fabulous, big heads of red and a wonderful romaine. www.buttemountainorganicfarm.com

For other local products please take a look at our new website for Motherlode Harvest, the farmer cooperative that we’ve been creating for our community! All the producers/farmers are in our county or counties close by. You have options to sign up for weekly boxes or you can order single items. We even have items available at the distribution site to purchase if you forgot to add them to your order. Sometimes, there are products at the site that weren’t listed. www.mlharvest.com

As always, your donations of clean egg cartons, plastic grocery bags, paper grocery bags, 5 gallon buckets and volunteer time are very much appreciated! Wednesday, Nov 3rd, is the next volunteer morning. If interested in helping clean up the herb beds and general clean-up let me know!

There will be another morning later next week for other “fun” projects!

Thanks for your support!


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