MotherLode Harvest’s website is now open!

> MotherLode Harvest’s website is now open! Please check it out at (If you have any problems accessing it, try our backup address, You can order products from us for pickup on Tuesday between 10:30 am and noon, or 4:30 to 6 pm at our distribution site at 1235 Jackson Gate Road in Jackson, behind Teresa’s Restaurant. Payment will still be made at pickup by cash or check, as we are not taking payments online. >
> Here are the instructions from our tech person, Jo Ann, for using the site: >
> If you are a new customer, please click the “join” button, then follow the instructions on the membership form. You will be able to log in to shop after you have completed the form creating a membership id and password.
> If you have shopped with us before, Michelle will be sending you an email with your member id # that you can use to log in. Click on ‘log in”. Your userID is , your password is also . >
> This website ordering will take the place of sending Michelle the email, We hope you find it fast and fun. If you have any problems with the software, please contact Jo Ann at or 304-7654. Any questions about the products or ordering, contact Michelle. If you have mysterious “previous balance” charges or credits, please contact Jo Ann. >
> The order cycle will open at 5 PM Friday and close 9 AM Sunday. There is no “check-out”–you can alter your order at any point until Sunday morning when the order closes. >
> When you log on, you will see a big red box saying with a button on the bottom saying “Click to start your order.” It asks for three things (and you only have one choice apiece–sorry, it’s in the software)–delivery type (you choose Pickup), pickup place (Jackson Gate) and then a radio button for Cash and Check. Then click the “Click to Start your order” and you should be able to browse through the catalog, clicking whatever you would like to buy. You will only have to deal with this red box once an ordering cycle. Anytime between your initial log-in and Sunday morning, you are allowed to log back in and go right to your cart. >
> At any point in your ordering you will be able to look at your shopping cart to see what you’ve ordered (and increase or decrease the amounts) and invoice to see how much you’ve spent. >
> You may see items that are listed identically except one may have “Box:” in front of it. This means there were a certain number of these items set aside for the CSA Boxes, but since the box ordering is done, you may order from that item or the one that does not have “Box” in front of it. >
> One additional note: Please do not order anything under “CSA Boxes”. If you already subscribe to a CSA box, we have already set up an automatic order for you. If you are not subscribing to a CSA Box and would like to, please contact Michelle to do so. >

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