Special Quarterly H&W Meeting iNOV.3

FOCUS ~ http://foothillsustainability.org/

Health and Wellness Quarterly Meeting – Wednesday Nov 3rd 6PM- at Tranquility, 331 Main St. Murphys

You Need Not Be A Member To Attend ~ All Welcome!

Special guest, AYLA MINER, will offer timely and relevant information for our movement since the David Crow event on Grassroots Healthcare, plant medicine and “community immunity”. Ayla is truly an inspiration, and accomplished in many related areas, from growing and preparing herb medicines to sharing the profound wisdom of Nature and the important benefits of relating to Her cyclical and seasonal rhythms. We are honored to have her as our first guest.

We hope you will join us to support what is developing in our communities and meet and visit with each other!

PLEASE RSVP by OCTOBER 27th so we can plan for you.


6:00PM – 6:30PM – Social and networking time – bring business materials, and finger foods or beverage.

6:30PM – 7:00PM – Business Meeting – something special to share!

7:00PM – 7:30PM – AYLA on Local, organic, safe, inexpensive community herbal medicine!

7:30PM – 8:00PM – Questions, discussion, visiting, closing.

About our guest:

Ayla Miner, herbwyfe, priestess, earth lover, dancer, wild-crafter and a woman re-wilding, is passionate about practices that nourish the body and spirit.

As the owner of Chrysalis Woman, (a growing Herb Farm and Goddess Sanctuary) located in the township of Paloma in Calaveras County, Ayla grows, harvests and handcrafts organic herbal medicines, holds monthly women’s circles and teaches seasonal wellness workshops in whole foods, ferments and herbal healing. This year she started the first CSH program (Community Supported Herbalism) in the area with the hopes of providing local medicines from the land she calls home. Based on the CSA model (Community Supported Agriculture), which unites farmers with the local community… Ayla seeks to create the same supportive relationships when it comes to medicine. CSH members lend their financial support in exchange for monthly medicine shares. Each share contains a selection of teas, bulk herbs, salves, infused oils, syrups and extracts. All medicines are made by hand and the majority are grown with organic and biodynamic methods. Those that aren’t grown in the Chrysalis Woman Farm are either ethically wild-crafted or purchased from quality herbal suppliers.

In an effort to expand awareness on the beauty of local not just in the food we eat, but in the medicine that grows naturally in our region, Ayla teaches seasonally based workshops, guiding the local community back to a relationship with the Earth, the medicines She so abundantly provides and works toward the creation of a sustainable, local health care system.

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