Massage in Amador County

Looking for a great massage in Jackson, California?

Here in Amador County we have an abundance of truly gifted massage therapist’s !

Within Motherlode Holistic Connection we have four such gifted healers.

The team at Davina’s Healing Hands, consisting  of Davina Edmonson, Shauna Goss and Mary Beth Jensen offer a full range of bodywork services… myofasical release, hot stone massage, fertility massage, deep tissue, prenatal massage, raindrop therapy and reiki.


Davina Edmonson and Mary Beth Jensen,CMT
Davina Edmonson and Mary Beth Jensen,CMT


I have had the pleasure of receiving a massage for all three ladies. Their knowledge of the body, their instinctive touch and calm manner make for a soothing massage.

These are the ladies to see when you have a chronic pain problem! Tight, strained muscles are no match for their strong hands.

Their therapy room is like walking into a womb of healing.  The room is lined with warm natural wood. The is ceiling is covered in flowing fabric, candles cast a soft glow and therapeutic grade essential oils scent the air. Each element comes together to create an intimate healing retreat.

A second therapy room has recently been added. This room is light and airy.

On a side note: Massage therapist, Shauna Goss will soon be leaving MHC for maternity leave. She wont be gone long!

Since I am often at the Center doing paperwork and clean up I will be on hand to snuggle baby girl while her mama works her magic on some poor aching body. 😉

They offer evening and weekend appointments. 209-223-1497

Walk ins Mondays noon to 5pm

Our 4th massage therapist is Rev. Patsy Walker Fine. Her focus at Motherlode Holistic Connection is growing Sophia’s Well of Wisdom. As part of her outreach she offers Contemplative Bodywork. This is a truly beautiful retreat that goes way beyond a traditional massage!

There is a true connection of body and Spirit while on Patsy’s table. I do not have the words to express what you will experience during a session. To give you I small clue of what to look forward to, I cut this from her website :

This is an intuitive spiritual practice of bodywork in which the intention is to encourage the client through guided meditation, prayer, and sound to shift awareness to the inner body and experience  integration of body and soul. It is a deeply relaxing  holistic spiritual practice for those who are ready to shift their awareness.

Next time you need a massage, give Davina’s Healing Hands or Sophia’s Well of Wisdom a call!
Brandy Astwood, MHC Director

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