Holistic Meditation Practices for Body, Mind, Heart, & Soul
Saturday October 16
9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

What is meditation?
  • What is the value of having a meditation practice?
  • What are holistic mediation practices?
  • What is the best meditation practice for me?
Workshop is limited to 25 participants.

Preregistration is strongly recommended.

Cost: Suggested donation of $15 – 25 (not required)

No Host Lunch – You may purchase a box lunch provided by Motherlode Deli Market that includes a half sandwich and a salad.
You may also bring your own lunch; however, we ask that you eat lunch on the premises.  Water, hot and cold drinks, and snacks are provided.
(subject to change)

Registration at 9:30 a.m.
Sign in, make donation, get handouts,
visit with old and new friends, tour MHC.

Workshop begins at 10 a.m.
Doors will close at 10:15 a.m.
Welcome:  Rev. Patsy, minister SWOW
Keynote Presentation:  Eugene Alliende
Panel Presentation:
Discussion of practices that the panel members will lead.
Instructions for completing Self-Assessment Questionnaire
Directions for Break-out Meditation Practice Sessions
Meditation Practice Sessions:
15 minute breaks between sessions
All participants engage in four 30-minute practice sessions:
A traditional meditation (mind), a movement meditation (body), a contemplative meditation (heart), and a singing/chanting
meditation (soul).
Closing Session
Follow-up Panel:  Questions and Answers
Interpreting the Self-evaluation Questionnaire
Workshop concludes at 4 p.m.
Eugene Alliende, MA, MFT

  • Meditation Teacher
  • Traditional & Transpersonal Psychotherapy
Keynote Speaker
In addition to his psychotherapy practice as a California licensed Marriage Family Therapist, Eugene has been practicing meditation for over 19 years and leads weekly meditation groups in Jackson.  Eugene will lead the Mind-based Meditation practice sessions, helping us learn to still the mind and find inner peace. You can also go to his web page for information on
Marilyn Nutter, MA
  • Master Teacher
  • Social Activist
Marilyn has been a educator for many years. In addition to her master’s degree in Social Science, she completed another masters in Culture and Spirituality from the Sophia Center at Holy Names University. Marilyn will lead the Body-based Meditation practice sessions in which participants will experience simple but powerful Tai Chi meditative movements as taught globally by Capacitar, a grassroots multicultural wellness organization.
Shari Anderson

  • Musician and Singer
  • Music/Voice Teacher
Shari is a local voice and music teacher who also performs in the area as a flautist, pianist, and singer.  Shari gifts the participants of the SWOW Sunday morning Meditation & Wisdom Circle with her musical talents. She has also been a spiritual student for many years and currently leads A Course in Miracles class out of her home as well as being the substitute teacher for the ACIM class at SWOW. Shari will lead the Soul-based Meditation session with singing and chanting as a soul enhancing meditation practice.

Patsy Walker Fine, MA, MEd

  • Minister – Teacher
  • Contemplative Bodywork Therapist
Rev. Patsy is the founder and minister of Sophia’s Well of Wisdom, an interspiritual center in Jackson that is dedicated to bringing wellness to body and soul. After a long career in public and private education, Patsy retired to pursue her lifelong interest in spiritual education.  As a result of attending Sancta Sophia Seminary as a doctoral student, she felt the call to be ordained to serve those in the spiritual community that are in need of an alternative to the traditional religious options. Patsy will lead the Heart-based Meditation session using the contemplative meditation practice taught in the Foundations of Spirituality program at Sancta Sophia Seminary.

To register:

Phone: 209-418-9003


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