Woooohhhoooo MHC is 1 year old!

Tomorrow Sept 26th MHC will be a year old! Wow!

In June of 2009, I was driving down Jackson Main Street when a lil voice whispered “Go Up Court Street’

I have not taken that road in 12yrs, since I had to appear in court over a trivial matter. Then the court-house closed and that part of town was mostly occupied by lawyers. Luckily I had no need to visit Court Street during the ensuing years.

But on that hot June day as I cruised down Main St. I turned. Half way up the hill  I saw a for rent sign in the window of this nifty brick building. I pulled over and called the number. An appointment was made for later that day.

I met with the owner and he took me on a tour. There was 2 rentals, both about 1300 sq feet with LOTS of doors, connected by a wall and a sealed door way. It was confusing! (Since then I have counted 26 doors!)

The place was also in a very negleted state. But something told me I was standing within the home of my long-held dream of a community wellness center.

Since there was so much work to be done I called my hubby, Allen to take a look and let me know if it was too much. (he’s sooo smart like that!)

He said it was all fixable.

But I was nervous.

I was scared.

I was at the upper limits of my thinking at the time.

But Allen urged me to take it. And I did.(thank you, honey!)

My landlord was (and still is) amazing and worked with us in a manner that  went beyond my expectations.

By August, Davina Edmonson and Patsy Walker Fine took office space, then Susan McMorris joined us. Allen worked his butt off and had the place was fixed and painted.

By February we had outgrown our 4 session rooms and I took on the other side, expanding our space to 6 session rooms, product room, classroom and break room.

Again Allen worked his tail off repairing and painting.

Today we had an open house to celebrate our first year in business. As I look back at the past year I am amazed by all that has been changed within the MHC building and within me.

On one hand it seems just like yesterday I turned up Court Street and fell in love with this nifty brick building. Yet on the other, it feels as if I have been working within these walls for a long time.

To many, many , many more years…….

2 Comments on “Woooohhhoooo MHC is 1 year old!

  1. Congratulations and Great job, Bandy and all:-) Happy Happy One Year Birthday! It is happening:-)It shows dreams really do come true:-)Great pic:-)

  2. Blessings, congratulations and great job, Brandy and all:-)Happy happy birthday to MHC, and many, many more:-)It shows dreams really do come true as we listen to our inner guidance:-)Much love and appreciation!

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