MHC Open House THIS Saturday 9/25

Open House Schedule

In the MHC Classroom

12noon Mary Hackwork is hosting a FREE Yoga Class

1pm Rev. Patsy Walker Fine will give an overveiw of Sophias Well of Wisdom

2pm pm Susan McMorris is sharing Meridian Tapping.

From 2-4pm Soni Carbondal will be offering Aura pictures for $15 each in the MHC classroom

Private Mini Sessions & Consults

Through out the day Dana Fink will be offering Astrological charts for only $25 each and tarot readings for $20 for 20 minutes

Rose Navarro is offering Intuitive readings for $20 for 20 min

Susan McMorris will be giving personal Meridian Tapping consultations

Rev Patsy Walker Fine is offering 1o min reiki sessions

Brandy Astwood is offering FREE Stop Smoking Consults as well as prenatal birth plan consults

Special Offers

Mary Beth Jensen with Davina’s Healing Hands is offering discounts on massages

Brandy Astwood is offering discounts on her Break Free from Smoking Hypnosis Programs as well as raffle prizes on private hypnosis sessions , prenatal  and post natal services ( Doula Care, HypnoBirthing Book, Belly Casting and Infant Massage)

Staff will be on hand to give you a tour of the center as well as answer any questions you may have.

Our Press Release written by Gwen Johnson

Motherlode Holistic Center in historic Jackson is holding an open house Sept. 25 from noon to 4 p.m. to celebrate its one-year anniversary.

Visitors will have a chance to view the site, meet the practitioners, enjoy freshly grilled organic vegetables, receive discounts and purchase gift certificates.

“We are so proud of the center,” said center director Brandy Astwood. “The success of the member businesses shows that the community values our services. The open house is a way for us to thank our clients and invite new patrons to discover the benefits of complementary medicine.”

Holistic wellness is a concept that incorporates an individual’s body, mind and spirit in a complementary effort to achieve optimal health and self-actualization. Motherlode Holistic Center features six therapy rooms shared by nine practitioners who offer services in the areas of hypnotherapy, pre-natal and post-partum coaching, massage, comparative religion classes, alternative medicine, nutritional counseling, tarot reading, yoga, tai chi, reiki, weight loss coaching, and other alternative health therapies.

The group started six years ago as a network of holistic arts practitioners. In 2007, the network developed a directory for the public to access the members’ services. The popularity of the businesses encouraged them to consolidate their services at one central location. On Sept. 26, 2009, Motherlode Holistic Center celebrated its grand opening.

Practitioners include hypnotherapist and childbirth/motherhood coach Brandy Astwood; massage therapist Davina Edmondson of Davina’s Healing Hands; Reverend Patsy Walker Fine of Sophia’s Well of Wisdom pastoral counseling and healing; Susan McMorris of Wellness By Choice meridian tapping; Suzel Deer ofLavender Hill Retreat nutritional/detoxification/allergy counseling; Dana Fink of Moon-n-Star Tarot Readings; Mary-Sevika Hackworth, RN, IYT of Sierra Wholistic & Healing Arts yoga and tai chi classes; Jim DuCray MS, LM/FT, Licensed Marriage/Family Therapist; Rose Navarro of Intuitive Transformations empowerment coaching; and Ayla Miner of Chrysalis Woman who leads the group WOVEN: Women of Vision Empowerment Network business education and networking group for women in business.

Motherlode Holistic Center is located at 8 Court Street in Jackson. For more information, call 304-8495 or visit

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