: Sept 16 Amador Farmers Market newsletter

Please enjoy this latest issue of the newsletter, published by Linda Hagye. My thanks to Linda and to Diane Kriletich for their work on this. Don’t forget to use the coupon at one of the markets this week. See you there!
Michelle Grondin
Market manager

Amador Farmers Market

September 16, 2010 Volume 2, Number 13
“Fresh From Our Farms To Your Home.”
Farmers Markets

Pine Grove
Wed 3 to 6 pm

Thurs 4 to 7 pm

Sutter Creek
Sat 8 to 11am

Sun 10am to 1

Amador Farmers Market.


Lovers of local agriculture and local foods have an opportunity to celebrate both on Saturday, September 25, with the “Dinner on the Ranch” Farm Tour and Dinner, a joint fundraiser for the Amador Farmers’ Market and Farms of Amador. For $25, ticketholders get to tour five farms in the Camanche/Jackson Valley area, then gather for dinner along the creek at the last tour stop, Big Horse, Little Cattle Ranch. The other tour stops are a goat farm, a fish hatchery, an olive orchard, and an organic vegetable farm that also raises free-range chickens and turkeys. The dinner, catered by Cafe de Coco of Jackson, will feature local pork, as well as local produce from Motherlode Harvest, a branch of Farms of Amador. Wine for purchase will be provided by member wineries of Farms of Amador. Attendees will enjoy music by local guitarist and singer James May, as well as a raffle and auction.
The tour times are 1:30 to 4:00, followed by wine hour and dinner starting at 4:00. Tickets are available at all the farmers’ markets, or by contacting the market manager at 419-2503, or at amadorcountyfarmersmarket.
Both the Farmers’ Market and Farms of Amador are organizations that strive to make agriculture viable for the small farmers of this area. The farm tour offers the community a way to support their endeavors and have a very enjoyable afternoon at the same time!
by Diane Kriletich
Sunday, September 12, Jackson Farmers’ Market Creative Chef Laurel Lickteig demonstrated how to prepare Breaded Eggplant Rounds. She produced a quick and easy way to fix eggplant that was delicious. And of course we all got a chance to enjoy.
Following the tasting of breaded eggplant was The Delectable Pie Contest; 5 entries total. And they were all tasty. In the “Sweet” category; 1st place went to Brenda Nasser’s peach pie (Mokelumne Hill), 2nd place to Wade Kriletich (Amador City) and Sarah Mason (Huston, Texas) for their strawberry rhubarb pie, and 3rd place to Sean Kriletich with his acorn squash pie (Jackson). The other category was “savory.” James Hackworth (Sutter Creek) took the 1st with his Three Sacred Sisters–tomale pie and Vicki Bray’s German Onion Pie received a 2nd (Pine Grove). Within minutes of the judging, market goers began eating the pies and completely finished them off. Sorry if you couldn’t make it because the pies were excellent.
This contest wouldn’t have been possible without our judges: James Aarons (Mokelumne Hill), Greg Motch (Sutter Creek), Mary Pulskamp (Sutter Creek). Thanks judges for your support in this contest.
Sep 19, 10:45 Creative Chef Marta Johnson with Harvest Soup
Oct 3, 10:45 Creative Chef Wade Kriletich with beef fajita
Oct 10, 11:00 a Hula Hoop contest….take out your hula hoops and bring them to market for some fun and games—the last market
Thank you for supporting locally grown products at the Jackson Farmer’s Market on Sundays, 10 am – 1 pm, located behind Mel & Faye’s Diner on Hwy 49, Jackson. Open through October 10.
Tasty Maid Bakery of Pioneer, who has been serving the Jackson and Pine Grove markets this season, has been sold to a group of new arrivals to this area. According to now-former owners Candace and Frank Marhefka, the new owners are friendly, and enthusiastic about stepping into the shoes of the former proprietors to continue to provide the same wonderful baked goods and service to the farmers’ market and the community. The Farmers’ Market thanks Candace and Frank for being at the markets faithfully this season, and wishes them well in their new pursuits.
Andrae’s Bakery is on vacation for a couple weeks, so we will not have their baked goods at the Sutter Creek market until they return. Look for their yummy stuff in Sutter Creek on October 2nd and 9th, the last two weeks of the market.
Don’t forget the Apple Bakeoffs coming up this Saturday, the 18th, in Sutter Creek at 9:00 am, and on Wednesday the 22 in Pine Grove at 4:00 pm. Participants can make anything with apples, keeping in mind that their entries will be judged on taste and appearance. Anyone wanting to enter should call the market manager at 419-2503, or bring your baked good to the market by the specified time. And come to the markets this week to get your apples!
Saturday, September 18 in Sutter Creek: James May
Sunday, September 19 in Jackson: Jack Magee (Travelin’ Tunes)
Wednesday, September 22 in Pine Grove: Jack Magee (Travelin’ Tunes)
Thursday, September 23 in Plymouth: Forest Flanigan and friends
The following recipe is courtesy of Steve Muni, who demonstrated it at the Sutter Creek market recently.
Steve Muni is the talented chef whose Hometown Kitchen show can be heard on Hometown Radio, soon to be on AM this fall

This is a Tuscan bread and tomato salad, using up leftover bread and the season’s too-many tomatoes. And there’s no set recipe. You need about half a loaf of good leftover Italian or sweet French–sourdough doesn’t work too well. Ciabatta is fine. Trim off the crusts (more or less) and dip large chunks of the bread in a bowl of water. With cupped hands, carefully squeeze or press the water out of the bread, and then tear the moistened bread into bite-size chunks into your mixing bowl. Moistening the bread like this keeps it from disintegrating in the salad dressing and tomato liquid later on.

And you’ll need some mild onion, thinly sliced. I cut a red onion in half, and used about half of that. And the thinner the slices, the better. If your onion is too strong, put the slices into the bowl of water, let them sit for a minute or two, and take them out, gently pressing the liquid out of them. This removes the harsh chemicals that make the onion strong. Dump the onion into the bowl with the bread.

Cut several ripe tomatoes into bite-size chunks and add them to the bowl. I like to use about twice as much tomato as bread. Then drizzle a little balsamic vinegar over it all, and add some good extra-virgin olive oil. I use about 4 parts of oil to 1 part of vinegar. The salad should be only lightly dressed, not swimming in dressing, as the tomatoes add their own liquid to the dressing. Add salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste, and tear in some fresh basil leaves–at least half a dozen or so, more if you like basil as much as I do.

That’s the basic recipe. You can add some thinly sliced sweet red pepper if you like, or some chunks of mozarella cheese, or some slices of cucumber, or some shavings of of good quality parmesan cheese that you shave off with your vegetable peeler. Or not. It’s up to you. The trick is to use really good quality ingredients–store bought tomatoes and Wonder Bread just don’t work very well.

Chef Steve Muni demonstrates Italian bread salad called panzanella

Certified Farmers Markets are “the Real Thing:”
places where genuine farmers offer only agricultural products they grow themselves for direct sale to the public
Amador Farmers Market

Good for one dollar off purchase at the Amador Farmers Market on Saturday Sept 16 thru Sept 22, 2010 at Pine Grove, Sutter Creek and Jackson only.
$1.00 off

Bring this coupon to the Amador Farmers Market

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