Chrysalis Woman ~ Claiming Your Harvest Consultations


Greetings and Bright Blessings Sisters!

For a limited time Chrysalis Woman is offering Consultations for women who desire clarity in Claiming their Harvest. At this point on the Wheel of the Year, Fall Equinox, we are given the opportunity to reap and rejoice in the harvest of our Soul’s Growth. We have traveled from Imbolc to now, nurturing our goals and arrive at the point where we are able to see and experience the benefit of all of our hard work.

With our busy lifestyles and the fast pace with which we dance through our days, it can be difficult to see the thread of soul growth that we’ve woven throughout the year. Becoming conscious of this unfolding can bring to light many insights and blessings as well as a sense of gratitude for each moment of experience that contributes to the entirety of our year.

Using numerology and tarot, Ayla guides you through a journey of your year, combining each individual piece until the puzzle of your experience is complete. This process reveals your Soul’s Harvest, the Seed Idea you will hold safe until next Spring and where in your life Balance is still required. It is a claiming and releasing of the year in preparation for your descent into Winter. A celebration of thanks that enlivens each moment and brings conscious the sacred that moves through you.

An additional gift is seeing through the veil into your next year’s opportunities. Getting a “Peek” at what’s to come, taking that knowledge into the Womb of Winter and letting it stir in the cauldron of possibilities until Spring.

All consultations are done in sacred space and are available in person or via phone. Each are 1.5 – 2 hrs in length. Sliding scale fee from $45-$60.

A limited number are available and spots are filling fast! Twelve consultation openings have be made available and only 8 remain ~ available times are from now until October 30th.

Give your Self the gift of acknowledgement of your Harvest and enter Winter with heart-centered awareness 😉

Email to schedule your appointment ~

bLeSsings of the Harvest Dear Ones!



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