Change…and the studio

Hello Dear Friends and Dancers,

Usually about this time I am sending you an announcement about the next round of classes starting. This email is quite a bit different.

I have made the very difficult decision to close the Kundalini studio.
The studio has weathered the recession quite well, and I have been so proud of you all, who, despite tough times, have nurtured yourself and devoted the space in your lives by taking belly dance classes! Brava to you all!

But despite that, even the studio has felt the pinch. And yet, it is not only for financial reasons that I have made this choice. Being a mother and wife, having a not-quite full-time job and owning my own business has finally caught up with me. (It only took 3 years!) The go-getter that I am needs a breather.

Kundalini Belly Dance Tribe will still be performing locally and at dance festivals. We hope you will come out and support arts in the schools at the Arts Extravaganza on October 17, at Sierra Ridge Winery. This is the third year for this wonderful fundraiser to ensure art is a staple in our schools. For more information about this event visit (make sure to scroll down on their website to see the Oct. 17th listing).

And give yourself some love, the studio store will be having a huge sale on all items starting September 21st through October 15th. Come find yourself a bargain!

I am so grateful for the community of women I have been a part of. You have all touched my life so deeply. I hope you will continue to pursue that creative, bold part of yourself that led you to belly dance. And keep shimmying down the aisles of the grocery stores!

With much love, some serious shimmies, and many blessings on the journey,


PS: Of course the artist in me cannot NOT create, and I will continue expressing myself in another fashion, one that can be done from home ~ on my blog and through painting. If you have a moment, stop by and visit me here, I’d love to see you there!

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