Amador Master Gardeners’ “In Harmony” Series September 11

> The 2nd in Amador Master Gardeners’ “In Harmony” series will be presented September 11 at the UCCE large auditorium, 12200-B Airport Rd, Jackson,from 9am on. Call 209 223-6838 for information. >
> This session will take attendees “down under” those beautiful ornamentals, trees, and vegetables. We will explore in Part 1 creating and maintaining productive, healthy soil –wherever you garden—to keep those gardens going—and going –and going. In part 2, we will explore various modifications we can make to our “hardscape” to keep good soil and water where we need it. Join us and share all your ideas and questions! >
> Facilitators are Cathie Bigger-Smith and Cathy Koos-Breazeal, Master Gardeners and UC Certified Sustainable Landscape Experts. >
> For more information, call 209 223-6838 (the Master Gardener office) >

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